Salesforce’s AppExchange has become a very successful and popular marketplace for applications. You can find almost a thousand different software products that can help you increase productivity at work. The applications found on the AppExchange vary and can be useful for document processes as well as many other tasks that help those involved in various business areas.

Some applications on the AppExchange are obviously better than others. Applications that prove useless in multiple Manufacturing Cloud areas become more popular. The more popular applications, differing in their features, can be used in many different companies. Check out five of the best apps currently available on the AppExchange.

DataSynch: QuickBooks Edition

DataSynch, published by Pervasive Software, is a service that helps sync information between QuickBooks and Salesforce. The product is designed to eliminate time delays while eliminating errors that can be caused by duplicate data entry and incomplete form information on products, customers, and services. DataSynch ensures that information about products, orders and customers is automatically synchronized, which greatly simplifies the document workflow.

Sales Activity Dashboard

This dashboard is free and published by The sales activity dashboard gives managers and owners the ability to compare sales types. The application also enables analysis of sales rep activity rates, which speeds up document processes.


Jigsaw is an online directory application with custom subscription services starting at $25 per month. This online directory contains business contacts and company information created, maintained and accessed by a global community base that has over 300,000 members to date. Access to the Jigsaw directory means access to important business information that can be useful in making business decisions related to sales, recruitment and marketing.

Salesforce for Google AdWords

Salesforce for Google AdWords is another application developed in-house by This application is popular among online marketers as it gives them the ability to track Google advertising campaigns. By accessing Salesforce for Google AdWords, online marketers can understand how effective each advertising campaign is. The application also allows them to track lead generation activities on the website.

SalesGenius for Salesforce enables its users to find prospects by sending “genius” emails that can actually be tracked without any programming or IT influence. The SalesGenius application also sends its users notifications of potential website visits along with links to other relevant information, improving document workflows. SalesGenius starts at $49 per user.

There are many other apps available on Salesforce’s AppExchange that are available either for free or at varying rates. Many of the applications available through the AppExchange are designed to improve document workflows and document processes, which can lead to more stable and progressive business operations. Many have already benefited from using these applications for Salesforce CRM and continue to grow their business using these applications. Consider using Salesforce CRM and the many useful apps available for your business on the AppExchange. You might find the right tools to take your business to the next level.

8 ways SalesForce can increase your company’s productivity

For both brick-and-mortar stores and online businesses, your salespeople are what drives your company’s profits and brings in new business. When your sales reps are in the field or in different locations than your administrative staff (or even in the same office), a cloud service is essential for communication between sales reps and inside sales reps. The right cloud service allows salespeople to easily communicate with other people in the company and share documents and information. is a cloud service designed to improve the productivity, communication and organization of your business and salespeople. Let’s see why:

1. Chatter

SalesForce offers a communication tool called Chatter. Chatter can be thought of as your company’s very own Facebook. You can collaborate instantly by receiving real-time user updates (similar to a Facebook feed) and easily share documents and data. You can create different groups that will route information to the people who need it and provide company announcements and updates – this way everyone stays in the know!

2. Marketing and Leads

Now there’s a better way for sales reps to track leads, lead history, lead status, lead activity, and lead conversion simply by using the marketing and lead tools offered by SalesForce. In one place, new leads can be entered and assigned to the appropriate sales representative, contact information entered, email communications tracked, notes maintained, relevant documents saved, and appointments scheduled. Leads can also be converted into accounts.

3. Email and Calendar

You can integrate your corporate email that you already use with SalesForce so your email communications stay in sync. The calendar tools offered are also unique and very helpful. With the calendar, you can track meetings, invite others to meetings and events, and see what colleagues’ schedules look like, so you can organize meetings and events better. This is also a great feature for management to keep track of sales rep whereabouts and productivity.

4. Analytics and Forecasting

SalesForce provides customizable charts and graphs so you can gain insights into the success of marketing tactics, lead conversions, rep productivity, and more.

5. SalesForce Mobile

The ability for sales reps to communicate and have the ability to access and update information while they are in the field is incredibly important. SalesForce makes this easier than ever by allowing full access to the company cloud on the go simply by using their phone app.

6. Content Library

Forget about searching for that presentation document or new product information. Now you can upload and store them Manufacturing Cloud directly to your SalesForce cloud so they can be more easily found and accessed by the reps who need them.

7. Form Creation

Gathering and storing information is important. You can create customizable forms for field sales reps to fill out. This allows incoming information to be more organized and streamlined, making it easier for everyone!

8. AppExchange

Here you can discover new applications developed by SalesForce or others to enhance your SalesForce experience and success.

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