Hiring Remote Programmers Quickly and Efficiently in 2023


The trend towards remote work is becoming ingrained, courtesy of its indisputable advantages. Entrepreneurs embracing remote workers gain cost savings and access to a global pool of skilled programmers.

The demand for remote teams, though not novel, has soared due to the COVID-19 pandemic and never quite went down. By 2025, it is projected that over 36 million American employees will be engaged in remote work and even more people remain in hybrid positions.

The trend towards remote work is becoming ingrained, courtesy of its indisputable advantages. Entrepreneurs embracing remote workers gain cost savings and access to a global pool of skilled programmers.

This article will unravel the process of efficiently and promptly hiring remote developers for startups through the IT outstaffing platform offered by Voypost.

Hiring Remote Developers with IT Outstaffing Process

IT outstaffing worldwide is unsurprisingly popular, given its manifold benefits when compared to in-house recruitment.

  1. Outstaffing empowers companies to swiftly identify missing specialists across the globe, expand internal teams, and exert hands-on control over the development journey. Unlike in-house hiring, geographical limitations do not restrain the search for programmers. And it is also much faster compared to traditional hiring! The entire process, from the first interview to onboarding, can be accomplished in a timeframe ranging from 3 days to 2 weeks.
  2. The appeal of the IT outstaffing model is further bolstered by cost savings through the engagement of offshore developers. Hiring remote developers from countries like Ukraine can be about 40% more budget-friendly compared to hiring developers of equivalent skill and experience from Western Europe or the United States. Additionally, ancillary costs such as workspace arrangements, health insurance, and tax obligations are eliminated.
  3. Startups often require full-fledged programmer teams for relatively short durations (3-12 months). The transient nature of this requirement can be a major turn-down for many qualified potential candidates. However, IT outstaffing facilitates easy scaling without concerns about paid leaves, public holidays, sick leaves, and dismissal protocols, not to mention that it is completely fine to establish short-term cooperation.
  4. Reputable outstaffing platforms conduct preliminary screenings to ensure candidates possess the necessary skills and expertise. We at Voypost ask our candidates to undergo a multi-stage recruitment process that mirrors real-world scenarios of project development. This includes screening by Talent Acquisition Specialists, test assignments, and technical interviews, including live coding. Soft skills are also assessed to ensure alignment with Voypost’s principles.

How to Hire with a Voypost Developers Talent Pool

Voypost’s Developers Talent Pool is an online platform designed to cater to companies and entrepreneurs seeking remote developers. Our objective was to create a user-friendly tool that elevates the process of hiring competent developers.

Voypost has refined the search process for optimal results. Filtering developers based on over 50 stacks, industries, project types, experience, and types of development has been streamlined for swift and accurate outcomes.

You can simply click on a developer’s profile to get the necessary details for an informed decision. Voypost also offers round-the-clock consultation for hiring developers. We use communication channels like email, chat, and online calls.

Initiating the hiring process is as simple as clicking the “Hire now” button on a developer’s profile. Then, you just need to fill out a contact form. Voypost’s Engagement Manager will follow up to clarify project specifics and schedule an interview with the selected remote developer.

Putting it into Practice: Finding and Hiring Remote Developers with Voypost

Suppose you need to hire a middle Node.js developer. Filter options are utilized to locate developers skilled in Node.js and possessing mid-level experience. When you find a candidate you deem good enough to join your project, you click the “Hire now” button and fill out the form.

If you can’t find any matching results, you still have the option to fill out the contact form, and Voypost’s Engagement Manager will help you explore further options.
When compared to in-house teams, hiring remote developers is not only smoother but also cost-effective—provided you know where to find skilled programmers. Platforms like Voypost’s Developers Talent Pool enhance the likelihood of aligning with the right talent from the outset.

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