How Quickly Do Hummingbirds Move Their Wings


The swiftness of a How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly is species-specific. Compared to the Amethyst Wood star Hummingbird’s rate of 80 times per second, the Giant Hummingbird’s rate is just 10 to 15 times per second. The typical heart rate of a North American hummingbird is 53 beats per second.

The speeds at which the aforementioned hummingbirds flap their wings demonstrate this wide range. Keep reading to find out how fast hummingbirds can fly, which species is the quickest, and more.

How Fast Do Hummingbirds Flap Their Wings

When they flap their wings, all hummingbirds do so at breakneck rates. Incredible wing-flapping powers are a hallmark of even the sluggish hummingbird.

The average wingbeat rate of a North American hummingbird is 53 beats per second. How Fast Can A Hummingbird Fly Surprisingly, even the quickest hummingbirds only flap their wings at a rate of around 100 times each minute.

The Anna’s Hummingbird is the fastest of all hummingbirds, with a wingbeat frequency of up to 90 times per second. In a race against falcons, eagles, and other great predators, the Anna’s Hummingbird comes in at number 15 due to its very rapid wingbeats.

How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly? The Giant Hummingbird is the slowest species of hummingbird. The Giant’s wingbeat rate is much lower than that of the Anna’s at just 10–15 times per second. Due to its larger size, its flapping motion is considerably more gradual. The Giant Hummingbird lives up to its name as the biggest of the hummingbird species.

In 60 Seconds, How Many Times Do Hummingbirds Flap

The frequency at which a hummingbird’s wings beat determines how many times they can beat in one minute. Compared to the Anna’s Hummingbird’s 5,400 beats per minute, the Giant Hummingbird can only flap its wings 900 times each minute. Most North American hummingbirds can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour, and their wingbeats may reach 3,180 times per minute.

What’s A Hummingbird’s Speed

Hummingbirds can only go as quickly as their wings can beat. Therefore, the Anna’s said that How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly so humming birds can achieve speeds of up to 61 miles per hour, making it the fastest species of hummingbird. The Anna’s Hummingbird, for example, can accelerate by 385 times its own weight in only one second of flight.

When compared to its size, the Anna’s Hummingbird has the quickest top speed of any bird in the world. Despite its little size, Anna’s hummingbird has been measured to outpace the world’s fastest combat plane.

A hummingbird can fly more than 300 of its own body lengths in a single second, whereas a fighter aircraft can go just 39. In order to achieve these speeds, the Anna’s Hummingbird must, of course, be diving.

Even while flying “leisurely,” hummingbirds maintain impressive speeds. When travelling in a straight line, hummingbirds often reach speeds of about 30 miles per hour.

Is A Hummingbird The Fastest Bird

The peregrine falcon has the title of the world’s fastest flying bird. It typically travels at speeds of 40–60 mph, but may reach speeds of up to 70 mph. The maximum dive speed of a Peregrine Falcon is 242 miles per hour. That’s a lot quicker than even the quickest hummingbird can fly.

The sharp tips of the Peregrine Falcon’s wings let the bird cut through the air at incredible speeds. In contrast, the Anna’s Hummingbird can outrun other birds of its size by flapping its wings so rapidly.

How Do Scientists Count Hummingbird Flaps

Thanks to high-definition cameras and other technological advancements, researchers can count the number of times a How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly flaps its wings in a certain time period. Even the slowest of hummingbirds flutter their wings too quickly for the human eye to keep track of.

The use of cameras allows researchers to slow down the picture to a rate at which individual heartbeats can be counted.

They Are Amazing Fliers

Although most birds are capable of flight, ruby-throated that How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly? Hummingbirds are very adept fliers. The Cornell Lab found that during flight, their wings beat an incredible 53 times per second, contributing to their swiftness and accuracy.

According to National Geographic (Opens in a new window), ruby-throated hummingbirds are capable of flying in any direction, even backwards and upside down. They can hover like a helicopter and often do so, allowing them to suck nectar from flowers without moving their wings. During their yearly migrations, they fly great distances. In order to go to their wintering habitats in Mexico and Central America, they must travel almost 500 miles continuously across the Gulf of Mexico.

The Cornell Lab reports that How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly. Hummingbirds are unable to walk or hop, therefore their ability to fly is very valuable. They are unable to walk due to the shortness of their feet.  Hummingbirds may move their feet side to side or sit on them.

They Are Fast — At Just About Everything

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are small yet swift. They fly, breathe, heartbeat, and feed swiftly.

According to The Spruce, How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly hummingbirds can dive at 60 mph and fly at 30 mph. Their 53-beat-per-second wings let them fly.

The Spruce reports that a ruby-throated hummingbird’s heart beats 1,200 times every minute. Compared to your heartbeat, which is 60–100 beats per minute. They breathe 250 times each minute at rest. Flight accelerates their breathing.

Their tongues are swift! They lick nectar 10–15 times per second. They easily digest nectar. According to The Spruce, they can metabolism sucrose in 20 minutes from nectar.

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How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly? Hummingbirds are remarkable for their speed despite their little size. As one would expect from a bird that flaps its wings at a rate of 50 times per second, hummingbirds are very swift and may easily reach velocities of hundreds or even thousands of flaps per minute.

Only with today’s sophisticated cameras can researchers count the number of times a hummingbird’s wings beat in a certain period of time.

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