for a while, i wasn’t sure whether I actually wanted to post this video because i felt like it was woefully inadequate and i hadn’t covered the million things i wanted to discuss but then i thought about it logically if i covered every single thing so just a heads up this isn’t going to be literally every single thing you need to know but it will teach you all of the most essential STRAIGHT A STUDENT basics Pearson plus is an online textbook platform that makes studying simpler and more convenient first of all it’s an online textbook platform.

So it gives you access to over a thousand to 500 e-texts additionally you can use a note-taking interface alongside your books to add notes and highlights and in a step up from physical textbooks you can also use a search function to look for the information that you need to make good use of a study method that i mentioned in this video you can create your own cards in the platform or you can use their ready-made flashcards if you’d like to save a bit of time the app truly has all of the essential study tools all in one place and another like a less essential but still very useful feature. Read for: online resume writers

There are audio versions of textbooks this can allow you to squeeze in just a little bit of studying when you’re commuting or doing chores or some other tasks like that person plus can be used on mobile devices and laptops and you can get offline access to your textbooks too in case your wi-fi goes out or data is just like not cooperating with you again serving yet another benefit over physical textbooks because instead of lugging around a heavy block of pages you can take your iPod or laptop or whatever device that will already be handy with you plus and let’s get back to the advice to be a straight a student you don’t have to be a super genius and you don’t have to give up anything fun ever in order to study for like 10 hours a day.

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and why do I know this I have been a straight student for my entire educational career thus far and I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are also very successful 4.0 students besides having all this personal experience seeing what successful students do in order to succeed I’ve also been running this youtube channel about learning and study tips for like five years so’ve done a lot of research and I think I know what I’m talking about so let’s just get right into it the secret of it all the crabby patty sauce the magic ingredient is that there is no secret like I guess if I had to assign like a magical formula for getting it would know what you’re doing at least 90 of the time the way that grades and tests and all that work is that people who are not you have come up with a lot of elaborate ways to try to figure out what’s inside your brain to try to figure out whether you have in fact mastered. Visit:: Biggest Mistakes Made When Drawing Anime Eyes

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