How to choose a translation agency?



There are more than 400 large and small legal translation agency Manchester. There are about a hundred of them in the 2013 Rating. How to choose the one and only translation agency that will fully satisfy your customer requirements?

There is no universal advice, just as there is no translation company that would suit all clients for all occasions. If you need to translate a personal document from one of the CIS languages ​​with certification by a notary, then you need a small office at a notary’s office with a compliant and undemanding notary at a reasonable price. And if you are a representative of a reputable foreign company with large volumes of complex technical texts, then something completely different is required: a translation agency with a database of translators who are proficient in this subject, with an editor who can make an ideal translation out of a good one, and at the same time unify the terminology, well, of course, with a large translation memory (TM) in your area.

was filmed by a well-known translation agency – Bureau of Scientific and Technical Translations Manchester. Since 1999, this bureau has been providing medical, engineering, scientific and legal translations both for large companies, including branches for small firms.

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