How to get your book reviewed by an influential blogger?


Using social media to market your book can feel like a lot of work that takes up a lot of your time. But you can’t just give up and not try to sell your book at all. So what are your options?

Here’s a little trick you can use to sell more copies of your book. Communicate with reviewers!

Ask them what they think about your book. A lot of avid readers follow reviewers because they want to know about new books they haven’t heard of before. So, here’s a guide on how to get an influential blogger to review your book.

Why Get Your Book Reviewed By An Influential Blogger?

How do you get people to know about your book now that it’s out there? This is a good time to use digital. If you can get a lot of influential bloggers to write reviews of your book, it will be more probable to show up in search engine(SEO) results, and more people will know about it.

You might wonder how it’s different from getting reviews on amazon or other e-commerce sites. The reviews you get on amazon do not help you get the name out of your book, but they do help prove how good it is. Having influential bloggers review your book, on the other hand, can help you get people talking about you or your book. In addition to the good organic traffic you get from this, the followers of these bloggers will also hear about your book. If you do the calculations, you’ll see that there are now more people who could buy your book.

In the market, reviews and recommendations are the most important things. Reviews and recommendations make people more likely to buy something. What is not surprising is that people pick up more books that have a lot of reviews, whether they are good or bad.

How To Get Your Book Reviewed By An Influential Blogger?

When starting an influential blogger outreach program, the first and most important step is to decide why you want influential bloggers to review your book. Some authors may want reviews to get people talking about their work, while others may just want to see how people react to their work. The next step is to write a detailed synopsis of your book. This will help you narrow your choices and give you a clear idea of what kind of bloggers fit your needs.

People are reading more than ever before. This is because e-books and reading apps that can be used on the go are becoming more popular quickly. Many of our population also trust the few bloggers who have taught them something new about reading. So, how do you reach these few people who greatly impact so many others? Try looking for groups of people who review books on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, or ask a book editing services near me about these reviewer influencers.


Steps To Get Your Book Reviewed By An Influential Blogger

Here are the steps to get your book reviewed by an influential blogger

1.      Create A Spreadsheet

Make a spreadsheet list of the bloggers you want to get in touch with. The information you want to look at must be in the columns. The ones that matter the most are

The word contact details you can link to their website or youtube channel. Links to their sites on social media, names of books they’ve already reviewed

All the other steps may or may not be taken, but it is very important to have a tracker.

2.      Similar Books

Look on the internet and book writing companies to ask for books like yours and see who wrote about them.

3.      Check Out Their Rules

Some influential bloggers have very strict rules about how reviews should be done. Blog writing is a serious job with its own set of rules. Check out the blogger’s review policy on their blog to get a good idea of what they want before you contact them. Some influential bloggers don’t accept pitches, but others do. The important thing is to figure out what they want.

4.      Reach Them

The reach is what makes or breaks a deal. Some of the following ways can be used to figure out a blogger’s reach, which is the most important thing about blogging:

Check how many people are visiting their blog. How many people are following the blogger on social media? How do people respond to the posts?

5.      Market Your Book

Think of this as a normal marketing exercise. Write a short summary of your book and yourself and why you want the review.

6.      Communicate With Influential Bloggers

Spend time interacting with bloggers. Take part in their blog and social media by leaving comments and answering questions. This will keep the conversation going. Bloggers who write about books don’t just review them; they’re also important people who bring a lot of attention to your book.

The key to everything in your life is to be patient. After you’ve talked to them, be patient and wait for the review to go up. Let them work at their pace, and don’t bother them.

After Getting Your Book Reviewed

1)      Say Thank You!

Once the review is up, you should thank the person who wrote it for their time and work. No matter if the review was good or bad, you should always thank the blogger. Send them a free copy of one of your other books as a way to say thanks. A small act like that goes a long way toward making friends for life.

2)      Share It On

Share the blog on your social media accounts so that your followers can read it and talk to you about it. You could also host the blog on your website and link to the original blog post.


It may seem like quite a lot of work to ask influential bloggers to review your book, but reviews are an important way to get people to notice your book. With these tips, we hope you’ll be able to get influential bloggers interested in your book.

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