How to Keep Customers Who Are On the Verge of Leaving: Strategy from Maby


It’s a fact that 100% customer satisfaction is impossible to achieve. Due to their inherent diversity, no two people can expect the same results from the same intervention.

It’s a fact that 100% customer satisfaction is impossible to achieve. Due to their inherent diversity, no two people can expect the same results from the same intervention. Keeping everyone content is a difficult balancing act that few nail salon owners have mastered. You can’t avoid having some dissatisfied clients, so it’s better to have a plan in place to keep them from defecting in droves.

It’s important for your bottom line and has a name: “Maby customer retention strategy.”

What Causes Customers to Bounce

There are a variety of factors that could contribute to a dissatisfied customer leaving your nail salon. Even if you weren’t able to prevent it, you should investigate the issue to the best of your ability.

Such as when people are trying to locate the closest place that does eyelash extensions. Because they can easily locate you, do you think they will visit your salon? In case you answered “no,” here are some of the most likely explanations for why not:

  • Is your nail salon always this clean in there? Is everything in order and spotless?
  • Your service to customers is not good.
  • Do you offer a user-friendly online reservation system? If not, maybe you should think about trying out a more modern and convenient method of making appointments, like

Methods for Increasing Repeat Business

Some helpful hints from Maby that might just bring back a customer who was on the verge of leaving. If you’re serious about keeping customers around, you can stop them cold and reel them in again.

Revise your perspective.

Rather than taking the dissatisfaction of a few customers personally, you should consider it a gift that can help you serve the needs of all your customers better. You should never take the defensive.

Putting the needs of your customers first is essential.

Every interaction with a customer is a reflection of you and your company. Act in a businesslike manner at all times.

Prove your communication skills.

Poor communication is often to blame for dissatisfied customers. The customer will take notice if you speak clearly and frequently across a variety of channels.

Profit from your loyal patrons

Maintaining relationships with current clients is as important to us as expanding our reach to new ones. You can target customers who haven’t visited in a while, those whose birthdays are coming up, etc. with the built-in customer filters in Maby’s system and then follow up with them, send them vouchers, etc.

One rule of thumb states that 20% of your customers will account for 80% of your revenue. You can keep your A-list customers satisfied by directing your marketing efforts toward that top 20%.

Don’t lose touch

A customer is less likely to defect if you keep in regular contact with them, perhaps by sending birthday greetings or other such tokens.

Preserving Existing Clientele Should Always Be a Priority

Retention should be your constant focus as a nail salon owner. According to studies, repeat customers account for the bulk of a nail salon’s earnings. Furthermore, customer acquisition is much more expensive than customer retention. Adopt a proactive retention strategy to stop dissatisfied customers from leaving, and your growing base of repeat buyers will reward you with higher profits and a greater return on investment.

Let’s put Maby to use, and you’ll soon realize what a fantastic tool it is.

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