How to shrink your nose without surgery

Photo Credits : Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

A lot of people aren’t happy with the shape and size of their nose. However, before we opt for plastic surgery, it’s worth trying much less invasive methods. Here are a few proven tricks.

Insecurities can affect all of us. Although we are often the only ones who notice them as a “problem, “, they can subconsciously affect our self-esteem.

Before we decide on such a serious and expensive decision as plastic surgery, it’s worth using smart camouflage first. There are several tricks that allow us to distract or completely hide the disproportionate nature of our nose. Makeup tricks will not only disguise what we want to hide, but will delay the decision on surgery.

Highlight your strengths

Interesting hair, fancy earrings or maybe a lipstick? If we don’t feel good with our noses, it’s worth finding something that will distract us from it and give us confidence. A good solution, for example, is to highlight your eyes with eyeliner or paint your lips with red or pink lipstick.

Eyebrows and hair are important

Thin and patchy eyebrows highlight the big nose more. It’s the same with hair. Long, flat hairstyles, hair slicked back, flat bangs or split in the middle emphasize the size and shape of our nose. To violate symmetry and change facial proportions, it is enough to transfer your hair from one side or the other. So the nose won’t be in line with the split and won’t attract that much attention. A good solution will be asymmetrical and slightly chaotic hairstyles. If you want to tie your hair, you should leave a few loose strands around your face.

Makeup tricks

You can really do miracles with real makeup. If we plan to change the shape of the nose, contouring will be necessary. What do we need for this? As with any makeup, the base is the foundation we use every day. To do shadows, you’ll need bronzer, darker powder or eye shadows. The next phase of contouring is highlighting, which is why we should also have a high-lighter, powder or bright shadows on hand.

If we want to visually shrink our noses, we can make it darker vertical lines placed on its sides. The lines need to be pulled from the eyebrows to the very tip of the nose. On the side, however, apply a lighter product, then gently rub until the line is smaller.

By creating a new axis of symmetry, we can conceal both an asymmetrical and curved nose. In this case, a thin light line should be inflicted along the nose line, and on the side, a darker product.

A nose that is too long can also be optically shortened. All you need to do is apply a product to the top of your nose, darker than your base, and rub it well so that the colors don’t contrast with each other. If your nose is thin at the same time, you can highlight its sides. This way you’ll make it look wider, making it look shorter. A similar solution should be used in the case of a clearly rounded nose.

When contouring, it is very important to carefully blur and blend the lines. In that way, we get the natural effect of our camouflage.





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