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Preparing for the IELTS exam

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), which is owned by the British Council and IDP, is one of the most widely used English language competence assessment methods that are appropriate for any foreign world purpose. It is a reliable system that 10,000 firms are using to administer three million tests annually. IELTS Training Course in Dubai uses a nine-band scale to score tests, with band scores ranging from zero to nine representing expert level.

What Sort Of Individuals Is This Course Designed For?

It must be proficient in both writing and speaking English to function in the twenty-first century. A course in IELTS preparation is required for anyone seeking immigration, a visa, employment, or entrance to a foreign university. The goal of Skill Riser Training Institute is to help individuals achieve the highest IELTS score possible. Anyone interested in working for the Ministry of Education (MOE), which wants IELTS-qualified teachers, is also intended to buy this course.

Where Can I Use My IELTS Certification?

Almost many industrialized nations recognize IELTS certification as evidence of English proficiency. Before enrolling anywhere, anyone who intends to immigrate to Canada, the UK, Australia, the US, or New Zealand must pass the English test.

Types of IELTS Exams

IELTS tests come in two flavors. To meet your needs, Skill Riser Training Institute provides training in both trials.

IELTS general test preparation

IELTS General Test is the best option for someone who is eager to immigrate to Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom. For those looking to settle down or find temporary employment in developed countries, our institute provides the greatest general training.

IELTS Academic Test Preparation

You must pass the IELTS academic test if you want to enroll in or learn more about higher education in English-speaking nations. Our training program covers all aspects of the English language to provide pupils with the best chance possible of passing the academic test.

Grammar mistakes: The Cause of IELTS Failure

Ineffective time management

fewer constants

failing to apply abilities in the appropriate context

Most non-native speakers struggle with grammar, and between 70 and 80 percent of them fail on their first try. 50% of people have average listening skills but poor professional writing skills for Cambridge.

Practice makes perfect, as the adage goes, and is a fundamental criterion in addition to consistency for IELTS eligibility. People from developing nations must put in extra effort to achieve financial security, which typically causes them to stray from maintaining a regular IELTS study schedule.

IELTS retesting

Failure will result in you not receiving a certificate. People may repeat the exam, but they must do it at a recognized facility and under the guidance of highly qualified experts.

The Skill Riser Training Institute’s IELTS Curriculum

To ensure that clients get their ideal IELTS band scores, our institute is always reviewing current trends and methods. The four modules listening, speaking, reading, and writing is key components of the IELTS test. Our institute consistently produces the highest outcomes thanks to a remarkable combination of instructors and mentors.

You will take IELTS modules as you walk in the perk after completing an IELTS course from the “Skill Riser Training Institute.” Four separate sessions are available.

Here are the specifics:

session listening module

A tape of an academic discussion, lecture, or conversation is given to the student for the first IELTS test on listening proficiency, and he has thirty minutes to respond to questions in a variety of ways.

Our services include: The institute provides thorough instruction to help you complete the listening module and help you comprehend paraphrase, keywords, and listening techniques. To make learning and writing more effective, pre- and post-listening sessions are being offered. At our IELTS center, experts also make predictions about the listening component.

Speaking session

A fifteen-minute speaking test with questions about your life is given a week before the exam. After that, you will need to finish a task card and speak with the examiner generally.

When applying for emigration, a new “Life Skill Test” is administered for immigration purposes without a break between the listening and speaking tests. Life Skill Tests are given at Levels A and B to determine whether English proficiency satisfies US standards. After passing, you have two years before trying again.

How we can assist you: It’s only a practice exam; it’s not rocket science. Each week, seniors’ coaching offers a mock exam to improve your speaking ability, vocabulary, and fluency so you may achieve your desired score.

session reading module

If no genuine attempt is made, the reading module may give up on you. As a result, it demands the highest level of expertise in real-life situations that subject people to professional advice. It lasts for an hour.

Our services include: It is the reading module session that you will discover to be the best. We provide regular tests with talks, general task reading, skill improvement, intensive reading, and general task reading. Time management is ranked above all other talents and is primarily concerned with completing continuous testing within the allotted time.

writing module

What we provide: The IELTS writing test will be challenging for you across a variety of modules, so you will need to prepare thoroughly and possess strong writing abilities. Two jobs are available in an hour, with one involving a real-world occurrence taking 20 minutes and the other using abstract concepts taking 40 minutes.

We made an extra effort in this area because it calls for in-depth research.

There is a thorough training program available that will address the following goals:

Overview of the module

simulated tests

Advisory on grammar

summary of the past papers

a conversation with professionals

writing an introduction

Daily talks in our Versatility Group are designed to improve speaking and writing skills.

Any writing weakness can be managed by taking classes from experts.

Individualized instruction is provided to help students develop the precise abilities needed to pass the IELTS test.

People who are unable to enroll at a particular location might take advantage of online training.

What Will We Offer You?

Even though nobody in this world is completely faultless, we are confident that you will discover us to be the best IELTS training facility. Some places try to con people by claiming that some course outcomes are untrue and stealing their hard-earned money, but we are always prepared to offer services right at your door. You will master advanced skills after completing the training program, and you will also be a distinguished IELTS candidate.

Prepare yourself, attend, and feel free to receive IELTS instruction from a reputable institute. In industrialized nations, you will have access to safe job paths.

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