Julia Fox admitted she was high!

Photo Credits : shutterstock

Hollywood actress and model Julia Fox admitted that she was under the influence of marijuana during an interview because of which she was ridiculed on the Internet.

Here is what happened. During her appearance in a podcast, answering the question of whether she was a muse to her ex-boyfriend rapper Kanye West, she drew a parallel with her relationship with the screenwriter and director of the film “Uncut Gems” Josh Safdie.

“ Yeah, maybe a little. I mean, I was the muse of Josh Sefdie when he wrote “Uncut Gems”’’– said Fox.

However, because of the way she pronounced the word “Gems”, people started joking with her on the Internet, and the recording of the interview quickly began to be shared on social networks.

Many TikTok users also recorded their imitations of the actress, and when the online tabloid Six shared one of them on their Instagram page, Fox wrote in a comment: –  “Oh, my God, I was high, leave me alone. Hahahahaha.”

Julia Fox played Adam Sandler’s girlfriend in the 2019 film Uncut Diamonds, and she should soon play a longtime friend of the “Queen of Pop”, actress Deborah Debi Mazar in the biographical film about Madonna.

By the way, Julia was born in Milan, to an Italian mother and an American father, with whom she later moved to New York at the age of six. In high school, she wanted to be independent, so she did several service jobs, including a shoe store, bakery, and pastry shop,  until she became a domina – thanks to which she was able to pay all her expenses and become independent. However, she did not stay long in the BDSM world, she became a designer. Today, in addition to creating clothes and acting, beautiful Julia hosts a podcast called  “Forbidden Fruit”

At the beginning of last year, she became a mother, on February 14, she gave birth to her son, Valentin. She is raising him herself because, although she is still not divorced, she is not on good terms with her husband Peter Artemiev, a pilot. She was also dating Kanye West recently, but unfortunately, it didn’t last long.





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