Kanye West’s new girlfriend delighted the public scene!

Photo Credits : Gotham | GETTY IMAGES

Kanye West’s new girlfriend (44), Irina Shayk (35), was photographed in New York with her daughter Lea De Seine, and with her beautiful appearance and outfit, she delighted the entire public scene.

Namely, the famous model was photographed while spending quality time with her daughter, and on that occasion, she was wearing a black jumpsuit, under which she was wearing only a bra.

Irina paired the whole combination with black boots and a black bag, which had a silver chain, and she had a black protective mask on her face, as well as sunglasses in the same color.

Lea wore a floral dress and white sandals, and the mother and daughter exchanged a few kisses, which seems to be the first time that the model did this in public with her daughter.
Irina did not take the smile off her face, and even though she was wearing a wide jumpsuit, she radiated sex appeal.

She would be beautiful even if she wore a garbage bag!” – said one of her followers on Instagram after seeing her in a jumpsuit.

Irina arrived from Provence in France two days ago, where she spent three nights with the American rapper, who is currently divorcing Kim Kardashian after 7 years of marriage.

The loving couple celebrated Kanye’s 44th birthday there, and the villa they rented was closed to the public during those three days.

In the exclusive photos obtained by the Daily Mail, the couple can be seen during a romantic walk in Provence, where they stayed together in a luxury villa spread over more than 600 hectares of land, called “Villa La Coste”.

It seems that Kanye is already having feelings towards Irina because he chose to spend his special day with a beautiful model in a place that is so close to his heart since he adores France and keeps coming back there. His wedding to Kim also took place in France, where they spent a lot of time together at the beginning of the relationship.

The rapper and the model were then photographed getting off a private plane in America, after which Irina was photographed running into her building in New York with her face covered.

Let us remind you, Kanye and Irina have collaborated several times in the past. In 2010, Irina appeared in the video for West’s song “Power” in the role of a golden angel. She seems to have left an impression on the rapper at the time, as he mentioned her in the lyrics of his song “Christian Dior Denim Flow”.

In 2012, Irina modeled for Kanye’s fashion brand at the Paris Fashion Week. The model is a fan of the West’s brand, so last month she was seen wearing a T-shirt with his signature.

Also, Kanye’s friend shocked everyone when he discovered that the rapper and the model were having fun before Kanye started a relationship with Kim Kardashian.

By: Olivia J. – Gossip Whispers






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