Katie Holmes had a minor accident!

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Katie Holmes suffered a minor accident while walking out of the ‘Alice + Olivia’ fashion show, held in New York. The 43-year-old actress was in white pants and a shirt. She lost her balance, slipped, and fell to her left knee, but managed not to get dirty and quickly straightened up. She amazed everyone with her elegant white edition, and the outfit she combined with a black long coat and black heeled boots can be seen in the video.  

We’re used to see Katie in casual editions, and many have commented that they don’t like her ‘grandma style’, while others describe it as natural, typically New York and that’s why they find it very desirable. When Katie broke off a long-term relationship with actor Jamie Foxx during the summer of 2019, she became a real fashion heroine almost overnight. They tried to hide their relationship from the public, but they did not succeed. It is interesting that she seems to have enjoyed the break-up because she overcame a failed love affair with only the best fashion combinations. We can say that she looks better than ever before, and Katie didn’t change her hairstyle, as is often the case after a love crash. Moreover, she raised her look to a higher level.

Her everyday clothing combinations became so popular that Vogue declared her as the star of the street style scene of the Big Apple.

Recall, Katie was the target of criticism for the leather moccasins of the brand Acne Studios, which are a thorn in the side of many. They are square in shape and sell for $ 1,150, or about $ 7,700, and Holmes especially adores them because she often wears them. Also, Katie has popularized the green coat which became one of the pieces most sold in affordable clothing stores in recent months, and public opinions about her fashion style are divided.

In addition to the series ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and clothing combinations, the 43-year-old actress is also known for her failed marriage to Tom Cruise with whom she has a daughter Suri. Tom had no relationship with the 15-year-old heiress for years because she does not follow Scientology, which is why Katie was also a great enemy of the controversial Church.

The couple divorced in 2012 after six years of marriage, and it is still rumored that the actress literally ran away from him overnight with the help of her family and friends, but this has never been officially confirmed.





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