Key Points To Consider In Surveillance Camera System Maintenance


If you decide to buy and install a video surveillance system, be sure that you leave provisions in your budget for regular maintenance. Truth be told, a surveillance camera is a device, made of electronics and plastic. And seeing, as most commonly these devices are installed outdoors, they are prone to weathering, which can lead to both internal and external damage.

Without regular maintenance, your average home surveillance camera Dubai, isn’t going to last very long. Unluckily, it appears there is an emerging trend of private homes, businesses and law enforcement departments installing surveillance camera systems however not budgeting and spending properly to maintain those cameras!

In this blog post, highlighted some ways you should adopt to maintain your surveillance camera system, to improve its overall efficiency.

Tidy Up the Area

Surveillance camera maintenance doesn’t begin with just the camera. Try to remember – When you installed your camera system, how long was the area’s vegetation? Do multitudinous trees, bushes, or shrubs block your camera’s view? This starting step can improve your camera’s viewing radius and assure an optimal viewing area.

Then, check the actual camera. Does the camera’s mounting area have other obstructions? Ensure to brush away cobwebs, greenery, or birds nests that have accumulated on your camera. If not attended to for a long time, these small objects will cause large blindspots in your security system.

Clean and Refocus Lenses

To make the point clear, imagine that you wear glasses. Looking out of dirty lenses will blur your field of view. In the same way, your surveillance cameras’ lenses struggle to see out of cloudy lenses. A cloudy lens hampers your field of vision and can possibly miss major events within your facility. Choosing to polish your camera lenses will boost your camera system’s performance and get them back to like-new recording quality.

Moreover, maintenance of home surveillance camera Dubai includes refocusing and re-aiming your cameras. Over time your needs will possibly evolve. This evolution could create new areas within your home that require additional coverage. In this way, choosing to inform your security technology partner of these issues, while carrying out your routine maintenance can allow them to figure out, what improvements are required, to better accommodate your growing needs.

Examine Connections and Cables

Over time, your surveillance camera’s cables and connectors are prone to erode, from the elements or loosen eventually. This will lead to your system blacking out in some inconvenient moments. Some hardware to examine include:

  • Examine Cables and Harnesses for Wear
  • Examine Cables for Proper Dressing
  • Look for Loose Cables/Wires & Reconnect if needed.
  • Ensure Peak Functioning of Cables and System

The Sum Up

Doing the surveillance camera maintenance alone can be tough. Without proper guidance from experienced technicians about your home surveillance camera maintenance, your system may be harmed and need repairs. Summing up, when dealing with issues of complicated nature, always contact a specialist to find the best solution for your issue. Taking all these steps will increase the lifespan of your surveillance camera.

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