Kylie Jenner had a “baby shower”

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Kylie shared photos from the luxury celebration for her second child on her Instagram account. The photos show petals in the pool, large artificial giraffes and various gifts such as baby chairs and backpacks by Christian Dior. 

The richest and most accompanied sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan in the description of the publication only put a few emoticons: a white heart, an angel, and a giraffe. 

The photos gathered more than three million likes in an hour, and Kylie was contacted by many followers who praised her for organizing the party. 

“Wow,” “Wonderful, Kylie, bravo!”, “This is so cute,” “It looks really nice,” “I like the way you edited it,” are some of the many comments. 

Recall, Kylie Jenner became the first woman in the world with 300 million followers. Many assumed that Kim Kardashian, who celebrated the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, would take the title, but that did not happen. Kylie Jenner is smoking behind her sisters. Kim is followed with 191 million, Kendall with 141, Khloe with 122, and Kourtney with 103 million followers, but the most followed person on Instagram is still Cristiano Ronaldo with 388 million followers.

Recently, the reality star shared a recording of her test stating that she is pregnant and tagged rapper Travis Scott (30) with whom she is expecting their second child.

Kylie posted a private video showing moments when she found out she was going to have a baby, had an ultrasound at the doctor’s, and showed off her pregnant belly. She also shows other members of her family, including her daughter Stormi and mother Kris Jenner.

By the way, fans around the world have developed the theory that Kylie has already given birth to her second child because of ‘key evidence’ noticed by some followers. Namely, she recently shared a post with short nails, and the last time this happened was when she gave birth to her first child, today three-year-old Stormi.

In addition, Travis Scott posted a photo on Instagram of the Christmas atmosphere. While the Kardashian-Jenner family celebrated together at their home, and on the table is a baby bottle, the same one Kylie used when her first baby girl was born.

The photo was also shared on the Kardashian fan page.

Whose baby bottle is that in Kourtney’s house on Travis’ story? I don’t think it means anything at all, but I can already see that people are coming up with theories,” the caption says, while many fans wrote in the comments that surely Kylie gave birth.

Remember, Kylie and Scott had their first child in 2018 and broke up in October 2019. This June, they decided to rekindle their relationship. They successfully hid their pregnancy from the public for months and confirmed the happy news in September.

Followers, who pointed out that Kylie was pregnant before she revealed it on Instagram, say she married in secret which they sensed by the color of her nails. Also, when she was recently photographed with her daughter at the Los Angeles airport, they spotted a wedding ring on her hand. Kylie is a big fan of jewelry and often wears rings, but she has never worn anything similar before.





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