Lawyer Research on Khula in Pakistan Law


Research on Khula in Pakistan Law:

If you wish to know the researches on khula in Pakistan law or divorce procedure in Pakistan, you may contact us. Research shows that there is a disregard for the law at the village and district levels, as well as a lack of access to the judiciary. These are significant challenges for women, as they are deprived of the above facilities for khula in Pakistan law or divorce procedure in Pakistan.


The main causes of polygamy are men, but in some cases, polygamy can also be caused by women. Based on WCLRF research, only a few people actually believe that polygamy is legal. * Only 11% of those interviewed said infertility (inability for children to be born) was the reason they were interested in polygamy. 13% suggested that polygamy could be caused by a woman’s illness or other health issues; Rivalry and competition are 26 percent of the causes of polygamy; Polygamy is 6% due to the inability of women to have male children (so 6%). Parents feel more secure if they have more children because of the indoctrination of war culture in Pakistan. Sometimes, daughters can be seen as a security threat to their parents and the entire family.

Law of Khula in Pakistan:

Polygamy can also be caused by wealth or having a lot before khula in Pakistan law or divorce procedure in Pakistan. Seven percent of men believe they have enough money for their maintenance, such as food, clothing, and a house. They also marry four to five women. Polygamy is also caused by power and social status (approximately 7 percent). Some of those who use their social status and power to marry more than one woman include war-lords, commanders or judges, as well as wealthy men (and even directors of NGOs).

Divorce Procedure in Pakistan:

Although for khula in Pakistan law or divorce procedure in Pakistan it is only a small portion of the 1.11%, frequent travel by men is still a factor. Men often travel to foreign countries and cities in search of work. These men believe that they shouldn’t marry more than one woman, as they don’t live in the same place. The research also found that only 1 percent had a medical test done to determine if they were infertile. Ninety-nine percent have never sought medical treatment after their husbands had a second wife.

Polygamy is Caused by Women Consenting to Polygamy:

Women with poor financial standing are forced to marry a second woman by their husbands because they don’t have the means.  Unawareness and ignorance regarding the first marriage of a man instead of khula in Pakistan law or divorce procedure in Pakistan. It is hard to determine the proportion of men who have been married to more than one woman. Research shows that 36% of married men with a second spouse were illiterate, and 26% were half-illiterate. 66% of these men were extremely wealthy. Another question is: Why do women not speak up when their husband marries a second woman? They don’t resist. This is because 72 percent of women didn’t know their husband was married at first.

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