LeAnn Rimes fame and talent were used by her father who stole from her, and she settled down only after she cheated on her husband and remarried.

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American singer and actress LeAnn Rimes became famous at only 13, and when she sang a cover of Bill Mack’s song “Blue,” she became the youngest country star in the U.S. after Tanya Tucker. These days she is celebrating her 39th birthday, on the occasion of which we remembered details from her turbulent career.

Rimes was born in Mississippi, but her family moved to Texas when she was six years old. As a girl, she took dance and singing classes, and at the age of five, she performed at a local competition for the first time. By the time she was nine, she was already an experienced singer, and country music became her favorite. Her father Wilbur Rimes went on tour with her, and he also opened his own record label which released LeAnn’s music.

Already with her first studio album “Blue“, she became a real star all over the USA, and that album went multi-platinum. When she was 14, she became the youngest Grammy winner and won numerous other awards the same year. After that, she started recording songs that had more pop sound and became famous all over the world in 2000 after the hit film “Coyote Ugly” was released, in which she also acted. She wrote almost all the songs from the film’s soundtrack, and her hit “Can’t fight the moonlight” is still known to everyone today.

Rimes is still working successfully today, and an army of her fans can’t wait for every next studio album.

She has a turbulent past with her father Wilbur Rimes. In March 2000, she filed a lawsuit against him and her former manager Lyle Walker. The lawsuit alleges that seven million dollars were stolen from her over the past five years. The wealth she had been creating ever since she was a little girl was exploited by her father, and she never found out exactly how much he benefited from her.

After legal battles in court, LeAnn fell in love with her backup dancer Dean Sheremet. They met in 2001, and after their first date, Rimes told the media that this was the man she wanted to marry. They said vowels in 2002, but in 2009 they parted ways. The reason for this was her affair with the actor Eddie Cibrian, with whom she worked on s movie. He was also married at the time, and the wife with whom he had two sons immediately filed for divorce.

Cibrian and Rimes got married in 2011 at a private ceremony in California, and they are still together today and never miss the opportunity to show how happy they are.

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