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Be it data loss from your business systems or server is like the worst nightmare. What happens when you lose data related to client projector, if you have business with data-sensitive operations?

Be it data loss from your business systems or server is like the worst nightmare. What happens when you lose data related to client projectsor, if you have business with data-sensitive operations? The consequences of information loss are immense and detrimental to your company. There are many reasons why you lose data. It could be a hardware failure, software issues, deletion of information accidentally, virus threats, and more. When it comes to data recovery, according to an article published in Forbes, you must factor in disaster recovery and business continuity.

Then, did you know that there are many myths surrounding data recovery? In this article, we are going to talk about the fallacies and learn the reality of the data recovery process.

A data file lost can’t be retrieved

This is the age of digital and technological innovation. In case, you lose essential data from the server or business computers or laptops, you can easily recover them provided you know the ins and out of the process. You also need to have the right data recovery tools in place to get your job done seamlessly.

All you need to do is act quickly when recovering lost data files or corrupt ones. You can retrieve your data file if you are proactive in recovering lost information. You can lose your data accidentally and the drive will mark that space as free. You need to act fast and use data recovery tools to help you retrieve data before it is too late. So, if you hear that you cannot recover lost data, it’s a lie.

A corrupt file can’t be recovered on your own

This is one of the biggest myths surrounding data recovery. To be candid, you can recover your server data or computer information using user-friendly recovery software. It doesn’t translate to having hands-on knowledge or experience in data recovery. Even if you are not a technical person, you can use tools that are easy to understand together with a super interactive UI.

When it comes to a hard drive, it is made of several essential parts like delicate circuitry, magnetic platter, motor, read or write heads, and more. But then, you do not need to know about these parts if you have data recovery software.

If you know about the technical side of things, there is nothing like it. However, if you aren’t sure, do not attempt to recover data from the hard drive. That’s because a computer’s hard drive is sensitive to dust, dirt, and even fingerprints. So, if any of these affect the drive, data retrieval might be difficult.

Let the tools do the work for you. If you are recovering information from an SQL server, the use of third-party tools is your best option to make the process as simple and quick as possible.  A few data recovery tools include log files of the retrieval process and so make things easier for you.

It’s not essential to keep your data recovery software safe

Though SQL data recovery software is versatile and extremely effective in retrieving your business-critical data, you need to follow some basic rules when using it. If the data loss incident is too critical, you can let a professional manage the job. That’s because they have proper access to clean labs. It means they use special cleanroom laboratories that are perfect for data retrieval.

The experts working on data recovery make use of specialized hardware and applications to treat hard-to-access hard drives, flash drives, SSDs, servers, smartphones, flash drives, or any other type of device that has business data in it. Many businessesuse mobile apps to perform business operations and so, it means that data is on your company’s laptop, desktop, iPad, and iPhone. Please note that you need to avoid the use of any file shredder tool. Else, data recovery applications can’t retrieve your data.

No need for a data backup plan when you have recovery software

Even when you have the best data recovery tool or the help of an expert, you need to have a powerful data backup plan in place. To be precise, you will find many data backup software that automatically preserves all your business information, files, folder, etc. that you can easily restore during any disaster. The disaster could be a hard drive crash, oversized data files, system crashes, OS issues, and many more. In such instances, if you need to reinstall the OS, a backup tool is your friend in need. You can also create restore points regularly.

If you have lost your business information and want to restore it successfully, we recommend that you invest in data recovery and backup software now. Spend some time researching the best recovery and backup tools available in the market. An effective recovery tool will help you retrieve all forms of data, files, documents, videos, image files,and audio, as well as data from your USB, hard drive, as well as other storage devices.

The benefits of data recovery tools are limited

Many people say or believe that data recovery tools have few benefits that will not suffice for critical loss of data. This is a complete lie and you need to separate fact from fiction. There are many benefits of MDF recovery tools including:

  • Diverse alternatives to load the schema from your older MDF file to do MDF recovery with maximum precision
  • Helps in supporting compression levels, page and row compression in the database
  • You can save the retrieved information into a new CSV format file
  • Make the most of the snapshot feature for saving scanning time when it comes to a damaged data file
  • Lets you retain the uniqueness and integrity of your MDF data file during the retrieval process
  • A user-friendly tool with no technical knowledge needed
  • A compatible application with every version of especially SQL server, be it 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, and so on


Now that you know about the several myths and the truth related to data recovery, be it hard drive or database, you are all set to use effective data recovery software to protect business information.


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