Leonardo DiCaprio pollutes the environment

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Leonardo DiCaprio (47) is enjoying his days with a young girl, model  Camila Morrone (24), and a family on a mega yacht not far from the popular island of Saint Barts. This news would not be surprising if it was another celebrity, but his vacation is at odds with his principles. Namely, the famous actor is known as one of the greatest advocates for nature conservation.

His commitment to nature is also evident in saving water, and especially hygiene products, as he is one of the actors who ‘does not smell the best’. DiCaprio reportedly only takes a shower once or twice a week and does not use deodorant at all because he believes it harms nature.

For these reasons, his bragging and cruising on a luxury yacht belonging to the Swiss pharmaceutical billionaire, Ernest Bertarelli, turned out to contradict his views.

DiCaprio became the UN’s global ambassador and recently called the environmental problem ‘the most urgent threat facing our species’ and then called on all fans to do something about it. Judging by the photos, he doesn’t really stick to what he preaches. He says he preserves nature, but he is clearly not ready to give up luxury.

He posted Instagram publication with the next description: “The harmful ramifications of climate change are ongoing and undeniable. It is crucial we take the necessary steps to protect our planet.”

The yacht called ‘ Vava II ’ even has a heliport on the top of its six decks, and with one slightly longer voyage, it produces as much carbon as the average car emits in a year. The Vava II also produces 238 kg of carbon dioxide per mile, which would take an average car two months. That is really against his commitment to nature.

It is not rare that he shows his love and support for the environment. He posted Costa Rica’s underwater world and wrote “Costa Rica continues to be a global environmental leader. President Alvarado has signed a decree expanding the marine protected areas around Cocos Island. The area, larger than New York state, includes underwater mountains where sea life, such as Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, from across the Eastern Tropical Pacific concentrate. Congratulations to Costa Rica on protecting critical ocean habitats and helping connect the region’s growing network of marine reserves.”

Also, on one occasion he met with John Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, to discuss the newly launched Global Methane Pledge. The Pledge aims to catalyze global action and strengthen support for existing international methane emission reduction initiatives to advance technical and policy work that will serve to underpin Participants’ domestic actions.

In this context, the lead actor of the film ‘Don’t Look Up’, which is supposed to promote the views of the UN, shows just the opposite with his works. The irony is that he received words of praise for the fight against climate change with this film, but it seems that it is only on the screen. We will wait to see is he going to think about his actions and words.





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