Luis Fonsi: "Despacito" is a gift from God, but it cost me a lot!

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, four years after the song "Despacito" came out, which marked his career, says that it is a blessing from God.

Luis Fonsi: "Despacito" is a gift from God, but it cost me a lot!

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"Until people get tired and stop asking for it, I'll sing it," the singer said of the song, which became the first song in Spanish to be number one in the United States for 16 weeks, El Pais reported.

It is a reggaeton-pop song composed at the usual time, with lyrics about sexual intercourse and it is performed in a romantic way that exudes spontaneity. Commercially, the song topped the charts in 45 countries, and in nine others it was among the top 10, making it the most successful single by Fonsi and Yankee to date.

The official video for Despacito received its billionth review on YouTube on April 20, 2017, 97 days from the day it was posted; so this became the second-fastest video to cross this milestone

He says he wrote it the same way as all the other songs.

"With the same guitar, in the same studio, with the same doubts and emotions as any other time. Thanks to it, I brought my music and my language to Asia, Australia, Russia, I met many people and many cultures. But the song 'Despacito' also brought some discomfort into my life," says Fonsi.

Just a few weeks before the song was released, his son was born.

"There were mixed feelings, I should have been at the top professionally, and at the same time, I missed his first steps. It cost me a lot, "said the singer.

Check out the song below:

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers