Madonna showed her nipples and booty, fans are in shock

Photo Credits : Instagram

After nearly 40 years on the scene, pop queen Madonna, 63, still manages to shock her fans. This time, she posted a series of unusual photos in a nude edition on social media.

Madonna was photographed performing stunts on the bed, but also under it. She was wearing only thongs, fishnet stockings, heels, and a bra.

In two photos, despite Instagram’s censorship policy, she showed a bare nipple. Also, in one photo, she crawled under the bed and put her butt in a thong in the foreground.

Angels are watching me – the singer wrote in the description of the announcement, referring to the statue of an angel hanging above her bed.

Although she gathered more than a million likes in the photos, she also earned numerous reviews from fans.

“That poor angel is doing extra shifts for you,” one attendant joked.





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