Make the Most of a Residential Care Facility


Many seniors face challenges as they age. These challenges can include problems with mobility, social isolation, decreased strength and endurance, lack of memory and judgment, and cognitive decline. In order to help seniors deal with these challenges and live more comfortably, residential aged care facilities (RCFs) have become increasingly popular in recent years.

RCFs can vary widely in terms of their features and amenities. Some may provide basic needs such as meals, clothing, healthcare, communicative support, and activities. Others may offer more comprehensive services such as personal assistance with showering and bathing, 24-hour nursing care, dementia care beds, private rooms or suites, assisted living facilities/skilled nursing facilities, personal councils or social clubs for residents, behavioural support groups for caregivers and other family members/friends of residents – the list goes on!

Choosing the right aged care in South Australia for a loved one can be a complex process. Factors to consider include the individual’s health condition(s), preferences and needs, budget constraints, location and accessibility.

How Can Your Loved One Benefit?

A residential care facility offers several benefits. Your loved one can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Professional and personal care:

In residential aged care in South Australia, the elderly will receive care from highly trained and competent staff. They will have an individualised care plan created to meet their specific needs. Depending on their care requirements, they will receive both personal and clinical treatment. You can relax knowing that staff members are properly monitoring your loved one’s health.

  • Assistance with daily tasks:

The elderly receive assistance with their daily duties, including cleaning, cooking, gardening, and washing, when they live in a residential aged care facility. They are provided with meals and refreshments, and menus are created with their input. If they have any unique dietary needs due to medical, cultural, or religious convictions, they can inform staff when they move into an aged care facility.

  • Relational interaction:

Some people find that relocating to an elderly care facility gives them a fresh start and introduces them to a new group of people who share their interests. Most residential care facilities include an activity schedule to boost the social, emotional, and physical welfare of the elderly. Many facilities for the elderly also provide social bus trips to local businesses, cinemas, café, etc.

  • Health and medical services:

Residential aged care facilities for the elderly can assist with scheduling routine medical appointments, getting prescription medications, recommending specialists, and even setting up on-site visits from healthcare professionals if necessary. Care facilities are staffed 24/7, and assistance is always available, day or night. If medical attention is required, at least one licensed nurse is always on duty at nursing facilities.

  • A comfortable place to stay:

When relocating to residential care, you and the elderly will have a choice of care suites and facilities. These include a private or shared suite and a private or communal bathroom. They can also add furnishings, artwork, and decorations to make their space uniquely theirs. Some senior living facilities may include additional furniture, such as a television. They can even bring some of their furniture from home, depending on the size of the room.


Make sure the residential aged care facility where your loved one is considering residing can provide the care they need. Before selecting a care facility, there are numerous factors to consider, like the type of care offered, amenities, activities, location, and more.

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