Mariah Carey announces start of "her season" by smashing Halloween pumpkins

American singer Mariah Carey, who is also called the "Queen of Christmas" by her fans, saw off Halloween on Instagram by smashing pumpkins with a stick and announced the beginning of the Christmas season or, as she called it - "Mariah Carey season".

Mariah Carey announces start of "her season" by smashing Halloween pumpkins

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In a video posted on Instagram, Mariah Carey showed the entrance to her home full of various decorations for Halloween, and among them were three pumpkins that read "It's not time", writes the Independent.

And as the clock struck midnight, Carey appeared in a red dress adorned with sequins and glittering heels, and then smashed the pumpkin containing the word "not" with a red-and-white baseball bat.

At the same time, the background music was heard, her long-standing hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

In the continuation of the video, the singer introduced the fans to her home and said "It's time!!! Smash those pumpkins and make a pie out of them… cause we still gotta get through Thanksgiving!!!”.

Ready? Here we go! #Mariah#", the singer wrote, alluding to the fact that the beginning of November marks the beginning of the Christmas season, in which her old hit will prevail as it has for so many years.

Google Trends and other similar platforms have already announced that the popular Christmas hit is already climbing to the top of the charts of the most popular songs.

This situation has been repeated every year since 1994 when Mariah Carey first released it. Since then, she has presented several covers, and the last one came out on December 20 last year.

It is interesting that her Christmas hit only reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list for the first time last year.

Get into the Christmas spirit and listen to Mariah Carey's unforgettable hit here!

By: Sarah R.