Meghan Markle’s dad says she made a complete fool of herself!

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While some were glad to see the other face of the duchess, the more cheerful and relaxed one, others criticized her and considered such behavior inappropriate for her status.

She made a complete fool of herself and should lose the title. I love my daughter, but her performance was ridiculous– this is how Meghan Markle’s father,  Thomas Markle, commented for the British media on her television interview with host and comedian  Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen Show”. It was her second interview with the American media since she and her husband, Prince Harry, escaped from the royal family in London and moved to sunny California.

This time the tone of the interview, unlike that of Oprah Winfrey, was completely different. Meghan danced, drank milk, was in a great mood, and showed up alone, without Harry. Many feel that such behavior is not appropriate for the Duchess of Sussex, and the main critic is, as expected, her father, Thomas.

It was a stupid prank. It offended Queen Elizabeth II, the royal family, and the British people,” he said.

He especially didn’t like the hidden camera part where Meghan jokingly communicated with the vendors. She tried the chips from the stand, that is, she nibbled on it like a squirrel, and she took a bottle of milk out of her bag and started drinking it. She decided to tell a joke as well. Ellen, on the other hand, shared a video of her friend Meghan on her Instagram and stated that this is one of her favorite moments in the 19 years of the show, which is also her last season.

Meghan getting involved with politics

Namely, Meghan and Harry were supposed to give Ellen their first bombastic interview, but they still decided on Oprah. Like everything in her life, the timing for this kind of appearance in the media was great for her because in American politics she is now trying to produce a new law according to which women or men, depending on who decides to do so, would have paid maternity leave.

As they deal with political issues, everyone wonders when she will baptize little Lilibeth Diana, but also when she will meet her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II. The information is hidden, but considering the health condition of the queen, which, according to numerous sources from the court, is quite bad, the acquaintance could be soon, already this holiday season. Her father also hopes that he will soon get to meet his granddaughter, but that is unlikely since he uses every opportunity to slander his own daughter in the media.

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