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Blades For Miller Laryngoscopes That Are Of A High Quality

When it comes to straight laryngoscopes, the Miller Blades are by far the most common and widely used option. The side of the flange is shortened to reduce the risk of trauma, and the curve at the beak or tip is lengthened in order to improve the epiglottis’s ability to be lifted. These enhancements make it easier to have a better view of the patient’s larynx when they are having difficulty being intubated.

Instead of compressing the patient’s tongue, the blade was flattened so that it could slide to the side.

A base that is flat will assist in keeping the tongue out of the line of sight.

The modification of the blade’s cross-sectional area, which did not affect the blade’s breadth or height, resulted in an increase in the total field of view.

Principal Attributes

Construction made of stainless steel

Adaptable blades for use with all the leading brands of conventional illumination laryngoscopes

Multiple sizes available SKU 117-6-mil-bundle

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A handle for a standard laryngoscope costs £43.15, while a handle for a paediatric laryngoscope costs £39.24. The price of a Macintosh laryngoscope set has been reduced to £135.90.

£122.32 £101.93 Miller Laryngoscope Set


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