Must-Have Haircutting Kits For Every Barber Shop And Hairdresser


Every hairdresser understands that high-quality tools deliver the best results that satisfy customers. Unfortunately, these tools are costly and buying them as a single piece would cost more since there are many pieces to buy.  

Haircutting kits provide an all-in-one solution for all shaving needs in a barbershop. They combine the best tools and present them in a single package that is more affordable.

Over the years, barber shops and hairdressers have sampled a few kits to discover the best for beginners and professionals. 

Here are seven of the most reliable haircutting kits that all hairdressers and barbershops should get:

1. Wahl Barber Starter Kit II

The Wahl Barber Starter Kit II – Senior is the perfect tool for barbers and hairdressers fresh learning their way around shavers, clippers and trimmers. This kit provides the essential tools at a budget-friendly price for beginners. In addition, the kit is well-organized for the user to reap more value from using it. 

It has two hair cutting machines, the Wahl Senior Cordless clipper and the Wahl Beret–Brushed Aluminium trimmer. Other tools in the kid include scissors, thinners, neck strips, a haircutting cape, a fade brush and an all-purpose comb.

2. Wahl Barber Combo

The Wahl barber combo haircutting kits perfectly match hairdressers exploring their professional journey. It comprises all the basic tools required to hone your haircutting skills towards professionalism. This haircutting kit provides all the crucial starter tools without investing heavily.

Its contents include a premium Wahl Magic Clip cordless clipper, a finale shaver and the balding 5-star clipper. Other items in the kit are trimmers, a hair dryer, a fade brush, a neck duster, a round barber brush, a vent brush, blade oil, a speed comb, and a Wahl cape.

3. BaBylissPro Duo Combo Gold

The BaBylissPro Duo Combo is an ideal haircutting kit for daily grooming routines. It is travel-friendly and has the BaBylissPro limited FX Gold Clipper and BaBylissPro Outliner Trimmer. These shaving tools can last up to three hours on a full charge. There are also two BaBylissPro Gold foil shavers, the Single and double.

These are handy for morning routines when shaving a client’s beard. Other included items include the clipper charging base and trimmer charging base.

4. Ultimate Barber Case – Caliber .50 Cal Mag Gold Limited Edition

The ultimate barber case from Caliber contains all the tools needed for a barbershop. Additionally, it features powerful clippers and trimmers that deliver optimum performance without running out of power. It is the most appropriate haircut clipper case for beginner and professional barbers, with corded and cordless machine options. 

The kit also has various haircutting tools to explore different shaving styles. The 26-piece styling kit combines tools from BarberCo, Caliber, Wahl, and Termix. They include trimmers, clippers, shavers, brushes, combs, thinners, a throat razor, scissors and clipper blade oil.

5. Andis Gold Master Trio I

The Andis Gold Master Trio I kit contains the following:

  • An Andis Master limited edition gold clipper 
  • The Andis GTX-EXO cordless trimmer 
  • An Andis Profoil lithium plus shaver

These haircutting tools have exclusive designs with premium attachments for different haircutting needs. Combined with the Barberco professional travel tool case, this trio is an ideal travel companion. Once fully charged, the trimmer, clipper and shave can last for between 80 to 120 minutes.

6. Barberco Platinum Barbering Kit – Caliber

The Barberco Platinum Barbering Kit – Caliber caters to all professional haircutting needs in a barbershop. It takes styling a notch higher with the in-demand Caliber .50 Cal Mag Clipper. It also has a Caliber .22 Stinger Trimmer and the Caliber RPG shaver with powerful motors for an all-around shaving performance.

The Barberco travel case has foam inserts to protect the shaving equipment from damage resulting from impact. It can also carry other shaving materials like brushes, Astra blades, combs, a shaving bowl, an accessory bag, neck strips, a hair dryer, scissors, and thinners. With these haircutting kits, a barber or hairdresser can go for months without changing blades or replacing the machines.

7. Wahl Super Combo Corded

The Wahl Super Combo Corded is a game-changer for barbershops and hairdressers. It brings the best traditional haircutting kits with a versatile clipper for all hair types. In addition, the haircutting kit includes a Wahl Corded Super Taper clipper, a neck duster, premium scissors, and a cape.

All these tools come in a Wahl rose gold case for easy transportation, especially for freelancing hairdressers. This combo is great for starters as they grow their skills to use more sophisticated tools.

Haircutting kits may differ depending on the brand and category of tools included. Therefore, anyone buying them should do their homework to determine what works best. Investing in a well-organized kit eliminates the need to buy new equipment frequently and increases value for money.

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