Must-Know VMS Board Features and Advantages


People travel to different places every day, driving across towns, cities, and motorways. And to reach the desired destination safely, quickly, and conveniently, consistent mobility is essential. 

Installing a VMS board is the best way to communicate information to oncoming drivers swiftly and effectively. In addition, they are better than static signs because of guaranteed visibility and trustworthiness over time. 

If you are considering getting this dynamic traffic signalisation, continue reading this comprehensive article to know more about its features and benefits before going to a VMS board hire company.

VMS Board: What is it?

Variable Message Signs or VMS boards are one-way electronic message communication tools used by agencies (public or private) to announce, update and remind road users about modifications concerning road traffic, public protection, societal events, and much more. They are mainly two types, namely:

Static VMS: These are fixed in a single location. 

Moveable VMS: These are movable led signs to fit more than one ad-hoc usage. 

Features of VMS Board

Following are some overlapping shortlisted features amongst the different applications of VMS board across different models. 

  1. Furnishes information: They inform people about various situations, such as a car park is full or a sealed exit ramp is ahead.
  2. Alert individuals: They are used by traffic administration to let people know about an accident ahead or a shift in road conditions through advanced warning.
  3. Give notifications: Both moveable and static VMS board hire allows you to provide notice of an upcoming diversion or modification in the surroundings.
  4. Issue assistance: They help communicate to people about avoiding a specific route due to an accident and similar situations. 
  5. Simplistic format: They are presented in easy-to-read sentences, especially for drivers to look at the board for a short time.
  6. Text alteration: This feature of VMS boards tethers the text style in a particular situation to reinforce its importance. 

Advantages of using a VMS board

Communicating through a VMS board is a strategic choice with terrific advantages, including:

  • They have a lower consumption cost with minor wear and tear.
  • These led signs are readable throughout the day amidst diverse weather conditions with less light or low visibility.
  • They offer flexibility and customization, making them a valuable tool for different businesses to boost their value in a day.
  • They are budget-friendly and would be profitable in the long run without needing maintenance, as they are equipped with mechanisms to do the care work free of cost.
  • They help directly communicate haphazard traffic congestion warnings to road users. 
  • They offer remote operation to change the messaging without physically sending someone out to the sign’s location.
  • These boards allow setting up alerts (email or SMS) for low battery statuses or tampering and program messaging beforehand for specific dates and times. 


To enjoy these features and benefits, get your desired VMS board from a reputed VMS board hire company. Compare and analyse their cost to get the best quote and price suiting your needs and requirements to grow your business and stay pertinent in the future.

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