Naomi Campbell closed the Alexander McQueen fashion show

Photo Credits : YouTube/printscreen

Although she was Lee McQueens favorite, Naomi Campbell hasn’t worn this brand’s show since 2010, when he passed away. Some believe that the break happened by accident, while others recalled the quarrel he and Naomi had in 1997.

She was supposed to wear the show “It’s A Jungle Out There” at the time, but she was several hours late. Lee gave the outfit to another model and said Naomi had been fired. However, they soon reconciled, and Naomi began to arrive on time.

The honor to present the McQueen Spring/Summer 2022 collection went to designer Sarah Burton.

I like the idea of ​​McQueen’s girls chasing a storm. I wanted to show through the clothes the mystery, the excitement, and the acceptance of the fact that we can never be sure what will happen in the future,” she said.

Naomi wore a cropped single-breasted tailored black jacket with crystal raindrop embroidery and a strapless skeletal corset dress with an asymmetric skirt and dégradé shredded tulle storm cloud embroidery, ending the show in a spectacular way.

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By: Sarah R.





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