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The popularity of weighted blankets as a tool for sleep therapy for adults and older children has brought the notion of using lightweight baby swaddling items into the spotlight of the public. However, can this type of product be genuinely suitable for babies?

Is Nested Bean safe for infants? Paediatricians advise parents against using weighted swaddles because of the possibility of suffocation when they flip onto their bellies and cannot return to their rears. Nested Bean is considered safe for children before the rolling stage if utilized according to AAP guidelines.

The faith of more than 1 million parents who have used Nested Bean’s products could be like a good deal. However, just like all products that claim to help your child, consult your paediatrician for an expert’s opinion on the safety and importance of a specific weighted sleeping aid.

How Nested Bean Swaddles Work

Nested Bean Swaddles have been designed with a comfortable fit replicating the snug and secure feeling of being in your mother’s womb.

As they grow, babies will are confined to their limbs close to them, with very little space to move about, which is why it is a very comfortable place for them to be in.

Are Nested Bean Sleep Swaddles Safe?

The majority of pediatric specialists is that sleep Swaddles are safe for young children prior to the time they can roll over (rolling could begin from as early as 2 months old. However, it is typically between 4-6 months) because of the possibility of suffocation if they roll on their stomachs.

Are Weighted Swaddles Safe for Babies?

Weighted swaddles, blankets with weights, and weighted sleepers aren’t considered safe for babies.

Tips include not overheating or sharing the bed, not breastfeeding (if feasible), using a pacifier, etc.

Does Nested Bean Cause SIDS?

A weighted Nested Bean swaddling product can place pressure on the baby’s lungs and chest. It may increase the risk of overheating, dependent on the temperature of the room and also the TOG score that is on the Nested Bean material.

Is Nested Bean AAP Approved?

The AAP is not a fan of precisely weighted swaddled, but in a note posted on Nested Bean’s website Nested Bean website “[our] products have been designed according to the AAP’s Guidelines for safe sleep.”

Nested Bean has also worked with safety laboratories accredited with the CPSC to develop its products.

Is Nested Bean Safe for Rolling?

Nested Bean declares they believe that the Sleep Sack line is completely safe for infants who roll over, and the weight can be worn reversely to help babies who sleep on their stomachs.

Swaddles are recommended to be avoided be used after babies begin to show the first signs of learning the ability to walk over.

What if Baby Rolls Over in Nested Bean?

Nested Bean company explains that the weight in Nested Bean Zen sleep sacks and PJ items are “light and flexible, so it will nearly flatten underneath your baby’s body.”

Every baby is different, and you should speak with your doctor for any questions about this product.

Nested Bean Swaddle Age Range

Nested Bean products are offered in Small, Medium, and Large sizes, designed for infants between 0 and 6 months, 6-15 months, and 15-24 months, respectively.

It is recommended that Swaddles should be stopped when your baby is showing signs of becoming a walker.

Nested Bean Swaddle Options

The most well-known Nested Bean Swaddles come with various fasteners and materials as well as wrapping designs. Let’s take a look at the functions and safety information for each of them:

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle Classic

It is the traditional swaddling blanket, with the swaddle wings wrapped around the body and a flap at the bottom to protect the foot, as well as a lighter weight that can be placed on the chest.

The upper edge of the swaddle wings should be at the chest level and not over the neck, over the mouth or the nose.

Nested Bean Zen Neo

Zen Neo Zen Neo has a pod-like style that resembles the womb. The pad is weighted across the chest. It also has two-way zippers on the front to make removal easier.

Baby’s arms must be on their sides before putting on the swaddle. The neckline should be at the bottom of the neck to stop the material from rubbing up while they move.

Nested Bean Zen One

Zen One is a swaddle that is said to accommodate the different styles of sleep “from birth to rolling over.” It has an adjustable pad that is weighted and functions as a sleep sack, with arms that are removable to expand with your child.

Nested Bean Swaddle Arms Out

According to Look after Babies, sure babies like to be wrapped with their arms spread out to provide ease.

Nested Bean Zen One Nested Bean Zen One product is perfect since the arm segments can be separated to make it an entire or partial sleeper bag with more room for movement without restriction and thumb-sucking.

Here’s how you can wrap your baby with its arms spread with a blanket.

How Long Does It Take for Nested Beans To Work?

Christiana Alario at the Nested Bean site suggests parents utilize their Nested Bean sack “for at least one full week before expecting significant results as baby will be adjusting to having their sleep routine disrupted.”

How Should the Nested Bean Fit?

It is important to keep the Nested Bean Swaddles need to offer a comfortable fit around your child’s chest and arms so that they won’t be able to move out easily. Additionally, the fabric should always be placed near the bottom of the neck to keep it from bouncing upwards and covering the mouth or the nose.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends loose swaddles from the waist so babies have space to stretch their legs.

Is Nested Bean Supposed To Be Tight?

The advice suggests a snug (not loose or tight) fit. A snug fit is intended across the arms and chest to simulate an intimate, secure hug.

What Does Baby Wear Under Nested Bean Swaddle?

The best guideline is dressing your child according to the room’s temperature.

In extremely hot conditions wearing just one diaper under their Bean Swaddle is suitable, particularly when they are wearing lower TOG Swaddles, as they are made of bamboo and breathable cotton.

In other cases, a onesie with a long sleeve or footsie PJs is adequate with the Swaddle.

If you can keep the room of your baby at an average temperature of 68 to 70degF and humidity between 30 to 60 per cent, then you won’t be tempted to dress your baby in a wrap.

What TOG Is Nested Bean Swaddle?

The fabric used in Nested Bean Swaddle products uses very low TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) ratings to limit the dangers of overheating.

The TOG rating measures how well the garment holds heat, not how thick the fabric is. So be aware of this when deciding on the ideal Swaddle for your baby, depending on your area’s climate and humidity.

Closing Thoughts

Many parents swear by the Nested Bean Swaddle products to soothe their children to fall asleep as the padded pads are shaped to simulate the comfort of a parent’s hand.

However, experts are concerned that the swaddle may hold babies’ bellies in place as they sleep, putting them in an unnatural position to sleep, which is associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

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