New trailer for “Scream” released: even more brutal sequel

Photo Credits : YouTube/printscreen

At the very beginning of the trailer for the latest “Scream“, a scene is shown that is reminiscent of the one we saw in the first part of this unforgettable franchise from 1996, but instead of Drew Barrymore, this time the young actress Jenna Ortega took over the screen.

The scary character under the mask very quickly disables the alarm system and enters the young girl’s house and then kills her.

In the continuation, we can see several actors from the original cast, but also hear how they explain to the younger team what danger awaits them.

The old characters in the fifth sequel are played by Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette.

In addition to them, the film will also feature Jack Quaid, Melissa Barrera, Dylan Minnette, Mason Gooding, Kyle Gallner, and others.

“Scream” arrives in the cinema on January 14, 2022.

See the trailer here!

By: Sarah R.





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