Once celebrated as a Hollywood sex symbol, Mickey Rourke is now a symbol of Hollywood self-destruction

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Mickey Rourke is celebrating his 68th birthday, and millions of fans will probably most remember him for his drastic face surgeries.

Women remember with sadness his beauty in the 1986 romantic drama ‘Nine 1/2 Weeks which he filmed with the famous blonde Kim BasingerIn addition to acting, Mickey pursued a professional boxing career that brought him a number of injuries such as broken ribs, nose, ribs, bruised cheeks and torn tongue, and short-term memory loss.

When he retired from sports, he returned to acting, which was not very successful due to his appearance. He went for facial reconstruction and Botox injections, but it all got worse. He also tried to return to boxing in 2014 when, as a 61-year-old, he fought 29-year-old Elliot Seymour in Moscow. He won, but Elliot later said he was paid to lose.

In 2007, the actor found himself in trouble with the law because he was caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Mickey was not very fortunate with love either.

He divorced actress Debra Feuer (62) in 1989 after eight years of marriage, and his marital happiness with model Carre Otis (52) lasted from 1992 to 1998. At one time, a video of Carre and Rourke having sex emerged, but also the accusations that he abused her.

Those accusations were dismissed and the couple reconciled and even starred together in the film ‘Exit in Red’. According to some media, the actor has been in a relationship with his enchanting Russian colleague Anastasia Makarenko (35) since 2009.

By: Helen B.





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