Owen Wilson doesn't want to meet his daughter

Hollywood actor Owen Wilson was filmed with his family on vacation in London. The actor does not want to meet his daughter, and he does not separate from his sons.

Owen Wilson doesn't want to meet his daughter

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American actor Owen Wilson is currently with his family on vacation in London. They enjoy their favorite tourist destination, and the actor also showed a new image. He let go of his mustache, which we had never seen before, and he tried to hide from the paparazzi under his cap.

Wilson has millions of fans. His roles made us feel like he is an approachable, good man, but the reality is far different. His life role as the father of a girl reminded what is reality.

Namely, Wilson is the eternal bachelor who with Marshal Jade Duell has a son Robert and with personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist he has a son Finn. The actor and his sons can sometimes be seen in public when they are out for a walk and hanging out on the beach, but he has never met his three-year-old daughter Lyla Aranya, whom he has with Varunie Vongsvirates (36). According to the American media, Owen was in a relationship with Varunie for five years, and he insisted on a paternity test.

When DNA analysis confirmed she was his daughter, he agreed to pay alimony of $ 25,000 a month. But he still doesn't want to see her .'You should meet your daughter. She needs a father. It is ironic and sad that Owen plays father roles and in reality, he has never met his daughter, 'said Varunie.

Recall, the actor found himself in trouble. Namely, thieves stole all four tires and rims from his car during the night in front of his house. Namely, the actor's Tesla car was parked in front of his home in Santa Monica when the theft happened during the night, and the news was confirmed by the police.

'No one saw anything. There were no witnesses to the crime,' said Lieutenant Rudy Flores of the Santa Monica Police Department. Police estimated the loss at  $ 4,000, and officials are still checking security cameras in the neighborhood to find out who stole the tires from the actor's Tesla. This theft is defined under the California Penal Code as the unlawful seizure of another's property worth more than $ 950 and may be treated as a criminal offense or misdemeanor. According to the report, the actor parked his vehicle in front of his house in the affluent neighborhood, and he noticed that the rims and tires were missing only in the morning. Prices for similar models of Tesla's electric car range from 43 thousand to 120 thousand dollars.