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A leading and one of the fastest-growing credentials worldwide, PMP is given by the PMI (Project Management Institute) to professionals who successfully pass an exam designed to test their work and people management abilities. Candidates who clear the PMP exam and get pmp certification in Dubai earn global recognition as certified project managers.

While PMP certification is not necessary for those working as project managers, holding this certification can reflect the professional’s technical skills and build a more assertive profile to get noticed by prospective employers and clients. The PMP certification is acknowledged and applicable in every industry including IT, Health, Business, etc.

PMP Certification – An overview 

PMP, an acronym for Project Management Professional is a certification awarded to candidates who meet certain education and work experience criteria and successfully clear the exam. Once the candidate fulfills the application criteria, their application is sent for approval. Upon getting approved, the applicant can start their preparation for the exam.

The main purpose behind establishing this certification was to set a global standard for project management skills spanning varied industries and locations. Appearing and clearing the PMP examination can strengthen a candidate’s resume and help them explore better career growth opportunities.

Much like any professional course like leadership, team building, and hr courses in Dubai, the PMP certification course structure covers topics such as initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, closing, etc. that a project management professional must excel at.

Also, along with technical skills, project management professionals are expected to possess a set of soft skills to successfully work with and through people to achieve specific business goals. These soft skills generally include communication, leadership, time & team management, etc.

So, in order to prepare and successfully earn the PMP certification, a candidate must complete the project management education requirements along with mastering the necessary soft skills. For this, enrolling in a professional course is the best way to clear the PMP exam and hold a globally recognized project management certification.

Eligibility criteria for PMP Certification

To be eligible for the pmp certification in Dubai, a candidate must fulfill specific education and work experience requirements. While education reflects the technical knowledge and skills that a candidate possesses, work experience reflects their soft skills and team-building abilities.

Hence, to become a successful PMP-certified professional, you must fulfill both the educational and work experience requirements. The following listed are the two sets of requirements and a candidate must fulfill either of these to be able to register and appear for the PMP exam.

  • 7,500 hours of project management experience + 35 hours of relevant education


  • A 4-year degree + 4,500 hours of work experience (project management) + 35 hours of project management training

Why earn the PMP certification?

Given the competitive and challenging business environment in the present times, every employer or client hires candidates who can add value to their existing business models. Barring the obvious promise of a better salary, PMP certifications can help candidates learn and excel in their respective fields.

Despite PMP not being a mandatory certification for project managers, they add value and worth to the candidate’s profile and make them more preferred over others. Just like candidates who have pursued hr courses in Dubai have higher chances of cracking a high-salaried job, PMP-certified professionals are likely to be more entrusted by employers and clients alike.

Some of the key advantages of acquiring the PMP certification are discussed as follows:

  • Global Recognition

Since the business and corporate sectors are operating on a global scale, the PMP certification is recognized and accepted globally across all industries and sectors. Once you are a PMP certificate holder, you can explore project management careers all over the world.

  • Upskilling

The PMP certification challenges the candidates to master every approach of project management to be able to perform in diverse work setups. Basic yet vital skills like communication, leadership, team & resource management, issue & conflict resolution, etc. are enhanced in candidates pursuing the PMP certification. Also, the current trends and best practices in project management are also covered in the PMP certification course.

  • Growth, Pay & Connections

Undoubtedly, acquiring a PMP certification can open doors to high-paying career opportunities and strengthen the candidate’s profile. Not just the salary packages, PMP-certified professionals also enjoy better job opportunities and get hired for varied managerial roles. Being introduced to the language of global project management helps candidates build strong connections.

Final Note

A pmp certification in Dubai can help professionals excel at project management and explore different growth opportunities. Since project managers are an asset to any organization, employers are inclined towards hiring candidates who have the best of both technical and practical knowledge. Hence, professionals willing to pursue project management as a career must go for the PMP certification to have an edge over other contenders and build self-credibility.

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