Rafael Nadal confirmed the good news

"Yes, I will become a father," Rafa said at a press conference he held on the occasion of the upcoming Wimbledon.

Rafael Nadal confirmed the good news

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Last week, the news broke in the world media that the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal and his chosen one Maria Francisca Perello, known by the nickname Xisca, are expecting their first child. The couple did not announce themselves on that occasion for several days, and now Nadal has finally confirmed that the baby is coming.

"Yes, I will become a father," Rafa said at a press conference he held on the occasion of the upcoming Wimbledon. It is known that Nadal is reluctant to talk about his private life, so it was the same this time, and he surprised many by saying that he believes that the arrival of a new family member will not drastically change anything. "Everything is fine. You know I don't have a habit of talking about my private life, but I don't expect it to change drastically," the tennis player said.

Let us remind you, Nadal and Maria have been together for 17 years, of which they have been married for three years. They met during school days since she was a school friend of his sister Isabella. Maria then studied in Palma de Mallorca, after which she moved to London, where she studied business management and English at the same time.

Nadal's wife is a modest, unobtrusive, and natural girl from the shadows, who has been the biggest support for the celebrated tennis player for almost two decades. She doesn't like public exposure, she mostly appears casually dressed, without make-up, but always with a smile on her face.

Maria, by the way, left her job in an insurance company in order to be able to lead the project of the Rafa Nadal Foundation, a charity organization founded more than ten years ago. Nadal once pointed out that he can't wait to get heirs.

"I would like to have children, I am a family type and I love children very much. I would like to fulfill the dream of children when my sports career allows. I want to take care of them. I am not sure that my travels during the year would be good for them." said Rafa on one occasion.

Post by: Rinna James