Reasons You Should Always Hire a Licensed Electrician


Electricity is one of the most important parts of life and we certainly cannot imagine a life without it. And whenever an electrical issue occurs, it feels like we have been sent out to the dark ages. Therefore, to ensure that your electrical system runs smoothly, you need regular maintenance and to do this, you must hire professional Domestic Electrical Services.

When you hire skilled electricians regularly, you encounter fewer electrical issues but this is not the one and only reason for hiring a professional.

Discussed below, are the main reason and benefits of why you should hire a trained and professional electrical service in case of an electrical issue.

Professional electricians are licensed and certified

If you hire professional electricians it will greatly help you in running your electrical system smoothly. They have gone through a lot of training and possess a valid certificate and license to perform electrical work. They can easily install, repair, and resolve an issue; whether it’s an appliance, lighting fixtures, or exposed cables.

They are equipped with the right tools and equipment

As homeowners, special tools are not readily available at our homes to tackle electrical issues. Professional electricians are equipped with a wide range of tools such as resistor lamps or testers which we probably do not have.

They are insured

Undoubtedly, accidents happen while working on an electrical issue. When hiring an electrical company, you must ensure that the company is insured. If something happens, your business or property will be safe and protected and the company will be responsible for the damage.

Electricians follow and adhere to electrical codes

Depending on the state and location, a property has its own electrical codes which must be followed when dealing with an electrical issue. If an electrician is failed to do so, they end up on the wrong side of the law. Therefore, instead of dealing with the issue alone, hire a professional as they know the electrical codes like the back of their hand.

Electricians remove unseen dangers

There is a higher chance of injury during repairing yourself. You can confuse power cables, fall from a ladder, and even worse without having a piece of proper knowledge. Professionals have been doing the same work for years; hence they know how to reduce and avoid potential dangers.

Ensure prolonged peace of mind

To protect your peace of mind, you must hire a professional and skilled electrician. They know how to deal with and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Domestic Electrical Services


The more experienced and skilled an electrician is the less you will be paying in the future for repairs.

Most common Electrical Problems in Your Home

We face several electrical issues from time to time. Here are the most common issues one may face in their home.

Flickering Lights

  • Your lights may be too bright or too dim because of not proper wattage.
  • They may flicker because the wiring is loose or rather it’s not properly installed.
  • Lights burn out regularly because the wattage is too high or there is bad wiring on the main circuit.

Frequent Surges

  • this issue could happen because of thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, or even damaged power lines.
  • Moreover, cheap electrical appliances can also cause a power surge.

Overloaded circuits and outlets

  • If you are using a lot of electrical appliances; they may cause overloaded outlets.
  • This issue also occurs when there is not enough electrical flow to handle a device.

Sags and Dips in Power

  • Simply put, they are cousins to the power surges
  • This issue happens when there is a sudden drop in the voltage.
  • This issue also occurs when you have too many large appliances plugged in or faulty appliances plugged in.
Electrical Shocks
  • This is not a concern for those who are living in new properties and homes because electrical codes are much higher than before.
  • However, older homes can be a concern because they are poorly insulated, have non-grounded wiring, and has an old electrical system.
Higher Electrical Bills
  • Having higher electrical bills indicates electrical issues. There could be many reasons such as:
  • detect any devices that may be causing power surges
  • Have professionals conduct an EICR in London
  • Fix any faulty wiring
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