Recipe for always taut, velvety and shiny skin!

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Whole-body exfoliation is one of the keys and initial steps in bringing our skin to the most beautiful and radiant edition. But before you start rubbing your skin with resolute movements, here are some instructions on how to do it properly and as effectively as possible.

Natural skin renewal

Removing dead cells from the surface of the skin not only helps in the natural renewal of the skin, but the result is a fresh look and more effective absorption of active ingredients that we will later apply using lotion or body cream.

Many beauticians advise that exfoliation is best started after a shower, while the skin is still moist. Place the exfoliating agent in the middle of the palm and massage in a circular motion, starting with the toes, towards the upper part of the body. Press more vigorously where the skin is firmer, such as the ankles, knees, buttocks, upper thighs, and elbows. Massage for a few minutes until the skin is slightly red.

 In doing so, be careful not to overdo it, as you would certainly not want to irritate your skin unnecessarily. In addition, too aggressive movements can stretch the skin too much and it loses elasticity as a result.

It is also very important that the peeling is regular, so that the skin is regularly renewed and that she better absorbs the cream or body lotion. Peeling is best done once a week, so set aside one day a week to dedicate to yourself. Also set aside enough time to do all these little ‘sweet’ rituals in peace after which you will feel upbeat and cheerful.

Facial peeling

Flaking of the skin and accumulation of dead cells also occurs on our faces. But unlike body skin, it is much more sensitive because facial skin is thinner and softer. Therefore, facial peeling must be very gentle, without unnecessary and too rough rubbing. 

Well-known beauticians advise you to pay attention to four ‘secrets‘ when peeling your face: first, get a creamy or oil-based peeling (like apricot or almond oil), then soften the tube or container containing the peeling by placing them in a bowl of hot water. The heat will dissolve the fatty substances that will penetrate the skin better. Then massage the product carefully. If you use a grainy scrub, massage it with your fingertips in small circles all over your face – but no longer than 2 minutes. Go over the lips as well, but avoid the delicate skin around the eyes. The fourth secret is related to peeling based on glycolic or fruit acid. Namely, it does not need massaging – just apply it on the face and leave it on for a few minutes.

What to do if you overdo it with exfoliation

If you are still obsessed, or maybe thought that you will achieve better results with more energetic movements, you are mistaken. Namely, the purpose of exfoliation is not to ‘peel’ the surface layer of the skin, but to remove dead cells as gently as possible, so that the freshest and tightest possible skin appears. But what to do if you overdo it after all? 

“The outer layers of the skin are not just dead unnecessary cells. There is also a protective layer, so if you remove too many dead cells, the skin will be red, scaly, and irritated.” concluded dermatologist Brandith Irwin.

This can also happen due to excessive peeling with the help of various coarse cloths or due to combinations of rejuvenating products that you coat on top of each other, which are rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamin C or retinol. If the damage has already been done, avoid the products that caused all this for at least a week, just like toners that contain alcohol, because it dries the skin.
Instead, use the most gentle creams and cleansing products and creams with the SPF factor. Then use sensitive skin products for 14 days. After 14 days, use gentle products in the morning, and those with antioxidants or anti-wrinkle ingredients only in the evening. Of course, only one of them, because otherwise, you will repeat the original mistake by accumulating products. Exfoliate only once a week. If you still have irritated skin after this, you are most likely using the wrong care products!





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