Robbie Williams fails to sell his luxury villa

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British singer Robbie Williams allegedly fight with the sale of its luxury villas worth 7 million pounds in Wiltshire but refuses to lower the price.

He put his seven-bedroom country villa on the market in September last year but he did not sell it, despite high interest in the property.

Real estate agents suggested the property should be on the market for £ 6.75 million, but the singer refuses to give up. He doesn’t want to change his price.

” It’s really amazing, but it’s just not offered. The price may be too high for the current customer climate. Online, the house is so good, everyone clicks on it and wants to look around, but the reality is that it has been there for six months ” said a source.

Robbie and his wife, Ayda Field, bought the villa for their growing family in 2009, and it is sold by real estate agent  Knight Frank.

The house is located on a spacious property and has its own football field, tennis court and even a helicopter hangar. There is also an additional guest cottage, as well as two separate apartments for staff members, including a nanny or cleaner.

Also, the lodge that is called Compton Bassett House, has a leisure spa with a gym, indoor pool, hot tub, and sauna.

” The Compton Bassett House was the perfect getaway for our family. It was here that Ayda and I truly fell in love and took root as a couple. Since then, we have received four beautiful children in the comfortable rooms of the villa where we shared a lot of laughter and joy” said Robbie Williams last year and shared with the public a few picturesque memories from the estate.

He concluded that the house still deserves “much more laughter and joy within its beautiful walls”

The family wants his villa in Switzerland worth 24 million pounds to make a major home after he moved there during the pandemic. What is going to be with this beautiful property, we will see.

Recall, music star Ed Sheeran has admitted that famous senior colleague Robbie Williams helped him change his lifestyle. The 30-year-old artist revealed that he used to find himself in quite dangerous situations during the tours, but it was Williams who was with him in those difficult moments.

According to Sheeran, as a solo performer, he often used to feel lonely after the performance was over. As he did not want people to feel sorry for him, he described that going to a new place would often mean wandering around the clubs, given that the other members of his team were older, married, and parents, so they were not interested in partying.

In an interview with The Sun, the owner of the hit “Shape of You” said:

I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I was literally going out on my own, not knowing anyone, walking into a bar, and seeing where the night took me. I ended up in situations which were pretty dangerous, and now I think there are so many times where things could have happened to me and I’m very grateful that they didn’t,” the singer said.





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