Ronaldo sold his apartment in New York!

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One of the most successful footballers in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo sold his luxury apartment in New York on Fifth Avenue for $ 7.18 million. The apartment has been on sale for almost three years, and he recently found a buyer who saved a large sum of money, unlike Ronaldo.

Namely, in 2015, the footballer set aside 18.5 million dollars for a 762-square-meter apartment that has nine bedrooms, three bathrooms and a beautiful view of Central Park. According to Expansion, the football legend lost $ 11.3 million. By the way, the apartment is located in the famous Trump Tower, and the football player bought it before Donald Trump became the American president.

Also, Ronaldo’s net value is estimated at around 440 million euros. He listed two apartments in Lisbon on his property card, one worth 7 million euros, and is currently building a luxury house in Quinta da Marinha.

Recall, one of the most famous football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo (36), and his fiancée, Argentine model  Georgina Rodriguez  (27) do not hide how happy and excited they are about the arrival of the newcomers. They also shared the gender of newcomers on social media. Namely, Cristiano and Georgina already have their four children – Alana Martina (4), Cristian Junior (11), Eva (4), and Mateo  (4). Together with them, they revealed that they are expecting a girl and a boy. Little Mateo and Alana Martina had the honor of ‘puncturing’ the balloons that Cristian Junior and Eva held. One of the two black balloons released blue confetti, while the other released pink, meaning another girl and boy will arrive in the family.

The boys immediately shouted cheerfully that one more boy is coming, but the girls didn’t hide their happiness either when they saw that baby girl is coming too.

The couple together has a daughter, Alana Martin. Cristiano is the father of three more children, twins, Eva and Mateo, who were born through surrogacy in the US, and the eldest Cristiano Jr. (10), whose mother is unknown. Today, Georgina is a well-known name in the world of fashion, and she has a number of fashion campaigns behind her and has found herself in the role of the face of some of the most famous brands. 





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