Second season of ‘The flight attendant’ on HBO

If you’ve watched the first season of ‘The flight attendant’ in one breath, we have good news for you. The premiere date of the new, second season is finally known.

Second season of ‘The flight attendant’ on HBO

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After the first season of HBO Max’s hit, titled ‘The flight attendant’, premiered on November 26, 2020, viewers eagerly awaited Kaley Cuoco’s return to the small screens. The premiere date of the new, second season is finally known. For the new episodes of the popular HBO series Max, ‘The Flight Attendant’ fans will have to wait just about two more weeks. The premiere is known and scheduled for April 22, and we can’t wait to finally find out what’s going on in the new season and where the life of flight attendant Kaley Cuoco will take us now. The good news is that the second season of this acclaimed series awaits us shortly after the first episode aired. The official Twitter profile on December 18, 2020, said:

'We are on our way to the airport to solve another crime. The second season of #TheFlightAttendant has been approved for take-off. '

Still, we had to wait about a year and a half for the show, so it won't be hard to wait another 15 days for the new series to draw us back into her world. In the first eight episodes of this chaotic and dark thriller comedy by Steve Yockey, viewers had the opportunity to meet troubled flight attendant Cassie (Kaley Cuoco), whose life is spiraling out of control after the brutal murder of Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman), with whom she was on a date.

When she wakes up in bed next to his dead body, Cassie, who is an alcoholic, desperately tries to solve the murder, even if it means endangering those she loves. Her best friend, lawyer Annie ( Zosia Mamet ), comes to her aid, as well as imaginary versions of Alex who is still alive but only in her head.

By the way, Cuoco not only stars in this series, but is also a producer, and many believe this is her way of escaping the character of Penny from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, which marked her.

And what do we know about the new season? Cassie is sober this time and has turned a new page in her life, which includes moving from New York to Los Angeles, where she will work as a CIA collaborator. At one point, she will witness the murder, which will involve her in another international conspiracy.