The Importance of Security System Integration


The world is changing at a rapid rate. Everything is connected now, which is of great benefit. However, this connectivity also comes with drawbacks. For example, organizations are at a higher risk of both physical and cyber-attacks.

The internet can put physical assets at risk, as many things today are connected using the world wide web. The electrical grid is a good example of a physical asset heavily dependent on technology. Target fell victim to a data breach when hackers accessed customer records through a breach in the company’s HVAC system.

Companies must guard against all types of threats, which is why security system integration is more important than ever before. Failing to integrate these systems could put a company, and possibly the public, at great risk of an attack.

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How Can a Business Protect Against These Threats?

Protecting against these threats can be a challenge, as many devices on a company’s network remain hidden. The assets are scattered across the country or the globe. They help to improve daily operations but increase the company’s exposure because many of the devices on the network remain unsecure.

Device manufacturers must recognize this and build safety features into their products. Organizations must consider security features when choosing devices and look for those products that can be easily monitored and managed regardless of their location.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is helpful in being proactive when it comes to an organization’s physical and cyber security. This technology can identify patterns and highlight any alterations in the patterns, so action can be taken if necessary.

For instance, when an employee attempts to access files, they shouldn’t; the system alerts the appropriate parties within the organization. In addition, this same technology can be used to assess threats and alert the right officials. Steps can then be taken to alleviate the threat.

Bringing Technology Together

Information technology and operational technology need to work hand in hand for the best outcomes. The teams cannot operate in silos and expect great results. A company’s security command center must integrate the physical and cyber teams. Regular communication is crucial, and the company must have a plan in place if the worst does happen. All components must be coordinated for the best outcomes.

A business can never become complacent when it comes to the company’s security. Simply because a company hasn’t fallen victim to an attack doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Preparation is key to keeping any damage to a minimum. The company must be aware of advances in the industry and ensure it is keeping up.

If problems arise, the senior management team must be informed. The security of a company depends in large part on the IT and OT team, while the management team focuses on the brand and its reputation.

Everyone must work together to protect against threats. This includes employees. They need to undergo regular training to ensure the company’s assets are protected. When everyone works together, the risk of a cyber or physical attack diminishes significantly. That always needs to be the main goal.


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