Solutions for Low-Maintenance Landscaping for Your Rental Properties


The average American spends $48 million annually on lawn maintenance. This is due to excessive maintenance that could be avoided. Property owners can save a lot of money each year by investing in low-maintenance landscaping.

This guide will share ten landscaping tips for rental properties to increase curb appeal and lower your rent. Continue reading to find out more about these strategies.

1. Low Maintenance Grass

Did you know that not all grasses are alike? Certain grasses may be better suited for certain climates. Some grasses need very little maintenance, such as the ones discussed below. It might be worthwhile to replace grass on your property if it is already grass.

No-mow Grasses

Mixes of no-mow grass are drought-resistant and require little watering. This makes them ideal for Cape Cod’s climate. Mixtures of fine fescue and ground cover, which is a mixture of flowering grasses, are common.

This means that you will only have to mow once per month.

Low-water Grasses

Fleur de Lawn, Bluestem Enviro Turf are two popular low-water grass mixtures. These grasses can withstand drought and require very little water to thrive.

They will be able to withstand dry seasons and won’t require any maintenance other than sprinkling the grass or hosing it down.

2. Plant perennials, not annuals

Perennials are flowers that come back every year. They bloom from June to September and then they die when the frost comes back. They will go dormant, and these hardy plants will return to their original state the next June.

Annuals are plants that can’t protect themselves from frost and must be replanted each year. Make sure you buy perennials when purchasing flowering plants.

Perennials will differ by region. So something might be a perpetual in Florida, but not in Cape Cod and vice versa. Peonies, roses, and hydrangeas are some examples of perennial flowers found in Massachusetts.

3. Weed Control

Maintaining a garden with weeds is one of the most difficult and costly aspects. They can cost you hours of work. You can prevent their growth by taking steps right from the start.

To stop weeds growing, mulch, pea gravel or rocks can be used.

4. Plant Evergreens, drought resistant perennials

All plants are not created equal. Perennials and evergreens are easy to maintain, as we’ve already mentioned. They are able to thrive year after year.

Some plants need more water than others. Drought-resistant plants need very little watering which can help save money and time for your landscaper.

Cape Cod is home to many evergreens. Even though everything is grey and white in the off-season, evergreens can still add a bright pop of color to your rental properties.

5. Consider hardscaping

Hardscaping refers to landscaping that incorporates hard landscaping materials in an outdoor setting. These materials, such as bricks and stones, are much easier to maintain because they are not living.

These materials can be used to create a patio or terrace, an outdoor fireplace or fountain, as well as a deck and patio. Hardscaping uses space on your lawn, but takes up a portion of the land by using functional materials that don’t require any maintenance.

This is an excellent low-maintenance landscaping option for Cape Cod homes. This is a smart decision for Cape Cod property management, as extreme winter temperatures can cause damage to a lawn’s health.

6. Add some trees

Trees are much more maintenance-free than smaller shrubs or flowering perennials if they are properly planted. Think about the environment that you would like to create in your garden.

You can create a shaded area to let tenants sleep in by planting one or two weeping plants. To create a private fence, you can add tall evergreens. This will give your garden a high-end private feel.

Trees that don’t shed leaves are best for easy landscaping during the off-season. Your landscaper will have to spend some time clearing the lawn. For off-season decorations, trees are also very useful.

For a warm and cozy atmosphere, you can string lights around the plants.

7. Take into consideration pets

You should consider allowing tenants to keep pets on your property. Tenants will need a place for their pets to play and run, especially in the hot Cape Cod summers. Multiple tenants will have their pets, which can cause damage to the grass. Make sure you have a safe area that is easy to access for frequent maintenance.

A secluded fence can be used to create a special sandbox for pets or a rock garden. This will not require as much maintenance than a regular lawn for pets.

Fencing is also necessary for pets. Although it’s not necessary to have fencing installed once, it is easier to do so from the beginning and before the peak summer season.

These low-maintenance landscaping techniques can be used

Planning is the key to low-maintenance landscaping. Communicate with your landscaper about your goals and the ideal maintenance schedule. These strategies can be used to maintain low-cost landscaping throughout the year.

Landscaping Cape Cod requires that you choose an easy-to-care for grass, select perennial and evergreen plants and use drought-resistant species. These decisions will make it easier to maintain your lawn for many years.

This will allow you to have easy landscaping every year, and happy tenants that can enjoy the Cape’s beauty. Are you ready to make your landscape easy to maintain? Visit our website!

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