Some Facts About Tiff’s Treats You Didn’t Know


Tiff’s Treats delivers delicious cookies to your door (you can even get them with Blue Bell ice cream). Grandma’s cookies are the best in town.

Even if you love Tiff’s Treats Franchise, you may not know how the firm started or their recent experiences and surprises.

The Austinot interviewed creators Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen to get the whole story for you. I discovered 8 Tiff’s Treats secrets throughout our fun time together, including previously unpublished information.

Tiff’s Treats Was Founded By College Kids

Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen, founders and owners, met in high school. They attended UT Austin after growing up in Dallas. Tiffany apologized by baking Leon cookies in their second year of college. Leon accepted the apologies and was thrilled by the cookies, so he recommended that Tiffany establish a cookie company.

Tiffany and Leon founded Tiffany’s Treats at nineteen. Two buddies baked and delivered. And give discounts through Tiffs Treats Coupon They advertised using UT campus posters and a corporate mobile phone.

Despite not paying themselves for four years, the company and buzz grew. UT’s 75-dozen cookie orders didn’t hurt!

Only Cute Boys Deliver For Tiff’s Treats

Younger siblings of a close acquaintance were the first two workers at the firm. Tiff and Leon had long since graduated from college, but their young delivery men were attractive undergrads who were active in sororities at UT.  In fact, they were so attractive that they made Tiff’s Treats Franchise famous.

The general consensus was that only attractive lads deliver for Tiff’s Treats, and there were even jokes about creating a calendar to showcase the personnel.

Flagship Still On Nueces At Mlk

In their humble Hyde Park abode, Tiff and Leon baked their first batches of cookies. They eventually outgrew that location and relocated to a shop on the Drag that allowed them to sublease. Tiff stayed for a year, but ultimately the company failed.

They were compelled to relocate, and it was via a chance meeting with their current landlord, Dr. John Schneider, that they were able to open their first store at 1806 Nueces Street. Over the last several years, Dr. Schneider has become a close friend of Tiff and Leon’s In fact, he was a guest at their wedding three years ago.

The Company Was Sued By Tiffany & Co.

Tiff and Leon’s hearts stopped when they got a letter in 2003, just around the time they were moving into their first place on Nueces. Tiffany & Co. filed a lawsuit against them for alleged copyright violations. Keep in mind that before this, the business went under the name Tiffany’s Treats. They hadn’t given much attention to a firm name while they were in college.

They spent $20,000 on the legal battle, but they know they got fortunate with the moniker Tiff’s Treats Franchise.

13 Tiff’s Treats Locations In 3 Cities

It wasn’t until 2006 that Tiff and Leon opened a second store, this time in Tiff’s childhood neighborhood of Dallas. The Central Austin site was about to explode by 2008, so they relocated to 11011 Research Blvd. in North Austin.

After the start of the crisis in 2008, they were unable to get a loan on similar terms. Fortunately, at this point, Tiff’s Treats Franchise had established brand recognition and investor interest.  All, they now have 13 outlets in Austin, Dallas, and Houston thanks to the backing of their investor group. Over 250 people are presently employed by the firm.

Data Determines New Locations, Not Bias


Leon informed me, some people get furious with us for not coming into their section of town. However, we decide where to expand depending on customer demand.  In order to keep up with consumer demand, we keep records.

Tiff’s Treats Franchise selects new sites based on customer feedback about delivery and convenience of pickup.  Patrons’ parking needs are also a top concern. The new facility at 4301 W. William Cannon on Austin’s South Side has everyone psyched. There’s a lot happening here, Leon said.

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Tiff’s Treats Is Expanding To San Antonio

Tiff and Leon let the cat out of the bag when we asked them what was next for them:

  • San Antonio is the next destination on their path of growth.
  • Despite the lack of a concrete timetable, the couple assured us that they had already made up their minds.

Austin Is Perfect For Tiff’s Treats

Throughout our time together, one pattern emerged: the Austin community has been very supportive of Tiff’s Treats Franchise.  It’s impossible for this business to have flourished in any other American city, Leon claimed. “Everyone in Austin is really kind.” And Tiffany would want to thank everyone in the community for their enthusiasm and support as well.

To put it simply, it was the driving force behind our decision to keep developing Tiff’s Treats even after we had completed our degrees. Austenites are known to be supportive of local companies, And Tiff’s Treats Franchise serves as a shining example of the kind of company we like, respect, and support since it employs locals and produces high-quality goods.

Tiff’s Treats Menu

Based on the popularity of our previous flavor of the week chocolate-based cookies, We decided to make a new version of them using double the chocolate chips for our Double Chocolate Chip cookie.

Tiff’s Treats Franchise serves up ten other types of traditional cookies, three types of brownies, Tiffblitz, a frozen treat that resembles a cross between a Tiffwich and a sundae, Which is made with vanilla ice cream and is blended with chocolate chip cookie chunks and brownie bites and then sprinkled with crumbled sugar cookies.





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