Step inside Giorgio Armani’s beautiful home!

Photo Credits : depositphotos

Giorgio Armani, who determined the form of grace as admirers describe him, is one of the biggest names in the world fashion industry.

Armani turned the saying “less is more” into a walking art, a figure of a woman sculpted to perfection and measured and reduced to detail, so you can’t understand that something like that, at first glance simple, can be so attractive, sexy and exclusive. Mr. Armani – as he is always called, does not wait often. He cannot do that, given his empire complex, with revenues from the fashion brand totaling 4.3 billion dollars in 2019.

Of course, what Mr. Armani is best known for is fashion: his eponymous label, “Giorgio Armani”, founded in 1975, then “Armani Prive“, his range of women’s high fashion custom clothing, and “Emporio Armani”. If “Giorgio Armani” is the purest distillation of Armani’s aesthetic ideology, and “Prive” has its extravagant, lush, and compliant side, “Emporio” represents a youthful spirit.

Both Armani’s energy and his appearance – tanned, slender, intense eyes, determined movements – nullify a good quarter of a century from any guess of his age that can be given, which, perhaps, connects him more intimately with “Emporio” than one might think. A famous Italian designer known for his timeless classics and sophistication opened the doors of his luxury home.

Apart from fashion, the most famous Italian fashion designer has been dealing with interior design for several decades, he has several hotels with his name around the world, and now he has revealed what his home looks like. The refined lines, interesting textures, and natural shades for which he is famous abound in the interior of this magnificent villa located in Italy.

The house of simple architecture, which does not stand out from other villas we see in photographs in Italy, except perhaps in size, is breathtaking because this fashion genius with its interior design gave it something that is so different from other houses of the rich people.

Watch the following video and share with us how you like it:





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