Technology And Its Impact on The Travel Industry

Technology And Its Impact on The Travel Industry

technology has brought

Human beings are very intelligent to adopt new technology quickly. When technology was not in the picture, we used to manage everything manually but technology has brought a huge change in the way we work, speak; manage our daily activities nowadays in our personal as well as in our professional life.

If we consider the travel industry here, then when information technology was not introduced, every travel company used to follow the traditional way of doing business. Processes that they need to take care of are multiple.

Like booking tickets, marketing and promotions of tours, tickets cancellation, accounting tasks like invoice generation, balance sheet over aihao mit technologyreview entries, cash statements, etc. follow up with current customers and many more. It becomes very difficult to manage everything manually without using any technology.

Advertising on television

Information technology is the biggest change that every business had been looking for. Imagine when IT was not there, travel agents used to deal with lots of paperwork. Every single detail has to be entered on paper which was a very tedious and time-consuming task. Marketing used to be done in a traditional way like advertising on television, radio, hoardings which would cost a lot more than it is now.

Due to poor internet connectivity and lack of internet knowledge travel agents had to take follow up with every current and would-be customer on a personal call, we can’t even imagine how hectic that would be and there are always chances to forget attempting a call to the important customers, as we are human and not machines.

When it comes to the accounting tasks involved in the travel industry, then managing each transaction in the record book that is occurred between the Travel Company and its suppliers, third party agents is a big hassle and is prone to human error. But now thanks to the advanced technology that made all these jobs very easy with its effective automated features.

Many social travel groups

Due to internet connectivity travel agents can step up to the next level by creating an interactive website loaded with amazing pictures to attract customers. Many social travel groups have been created to promote travel.

Share their traveling experiences and important tips, spread positive word of mouth about tourist attractions and the entire credit goes to the internet as it has enabled multiple social media’ s that travel company can get benefited from by promoting their travel business.

Birth of Information technology has given full stop to the paperwork as computer systems are available now to create, store, process, and retrieve valuable data whenever needed. The technology that we discussed until now is to manage the external activities of Travel Company but what about managing internal business activities that we discussed just above.

 Travel agency software

Travel agency software is the perfect answer to that. Travel agency software is another yet very important and powerful travel technology that takes complete control over internal process management of the travel business. It is a very effective technology that applies from small to large scale travel companies. Let’s take a closer look at the multiple processes it simplifies efficiently:



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