The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring an Ice Cream Truck for Your Child’s Party


An ice cream truck is an excellent way to attract customers. Make sure you possess the required permits and insurance. You will also need Food Handling Certification for each person handling food. Once you’ve determined the theme or purpose of your party, it’s time to select a date and location. Then, you can start inviting your guests!

They’re Fun

Ice cream trucks have been a kids’ favorite for generations. When they hear the iconic “Pop Goes the Weasel” song, children abandon their playground equipment and run outside to see which truck will be stopping by next. However, managing a food truck business may take time and effort. It requires small business owners to meet all the requirements for their specific industry. It includes health inspections and commercial vendor permits to sell in public spaces. It also means keeping track of all expenses and submitting tax returns. Then there are vehicle maintenance and fuel costs, which can be high for such large vehicles. For this reason, ice cream truck owners need to plan and have sufficient savings before taking the plunge into their dream business.

They’re Unique

Unlike prepackaged foods, you have a lot of leeway with the items you sell. Mix and match ice cream flavors, toppings, sundaes, and more. Adding novelties such as taffy, candy apples, and other snacks is also possible. Kids love an ice cream truck for party, so organizing a party around this theme is easy. You can decorate the room with truck-shaped balloons or make car cut-outs.

In addition, it’s fun to have a regular route so that people know when the truck is coming. It benefits neighborhood kids who have yet to learn to tell time. Keeping to a predictable schedule also allows word of mouth to spread. You can also advertise your truck by putting up flyers.

They’re Safe

Ice cream trucks have large freezers to keep frozen products at the proper temperature. They must also comply with local health regulations and may need a food permit. They must outfit their vehicles with a point-of-sale system, audio equipment, and other amenities. Some municipalities ban ice cream trucks because of the music they play or the noise they make. Some towns and cities also have strict rules about where ice cream trucks can park. It can result in hostility from existing ice cream truck customers and cut into their sales. Researching these rules carefully before buying a truck and starting your business is essential. You can also get regular maintenance to ensure your ice cream truck runs correctly and safely.

They’re Affordable

Ice cream trucks are a relatively affordable way to cater a kid’s party. They can be rented for an hour starting at $249 with tax. Food trucks are also popular at local events and state fairs. These types of events attract a larger crowd, which can increase your sales potential. Your company might promote it on social media. Maintaining a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram feed can help keep your customers updated with your latest offerings and changes in hours/routes. Invest in a dependable refrigeration system to launch an ice cream truck. Given that problems with your freezers might result in thousands of dollars worth of missed revenue, it is crucial.

They’re Exciting

Many things go into organizing a party: choosing the date, picking decorations, deciding who to invite, and choosing entertainment. One thing that makes a kid’s party extra special is the addition of an ice cream truck. Food trucks are popular at parties because they serve food and drinks efficiently without requiring guests to set up a table or gather supplies. They also offer a more informal atmosphere than a traditional restaurant, which can be especially appealing to kids. Visit websites to learn how to rent an ice cream truck for your child’s celebration. Once you find the truck you want, please fill out a quick event inquiry form to book it for your party. Then, watch your kids’ eyes light up when they see the truck pull up!


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