The Best Men’s Haircuts That You Can Try Now


The best men’s haircuts and styles are timeless, enduring long after passing fads have faded away. Not the perms, man-buns, or iconic mullets of the ’80s, but rather a modern cut that will never go out of style. Indeed, you have much to think about with the stuff already up on your social media profiles.

There are men’s haircuts here that date back millennia and some that only go back a few decades. They all have an undeniable charm and feel thoroughly modern despite their age. Since there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken, it may be what makes it a genuine men’s haircut.

You could take a chance on a haircut that will only be trendy for a season by copying it from a hipster website, or you could go to your trusted barber and get a tried-and-true style. If you’re more into the latter, check out our list of the top 10 men’s haircuts and styles for some inspiration.

1. an incision below the ears

Hair is short on the sides and longer on top. That is the essence of the traditional undercut, which may be adapted to many different men’s haircuts (curly, wavy, straight, etc). The hair on top can be styled anyway you like, from slicked back to spiky.

Disconnected and fading undercuts are the two primary categories of men’s undercuts. Cillian Murphy’s unconnected undercut in “Peaky Blinders” popularised the style. There’s a distinct transition between the shorter and longer hair, or a high degree of contrast between the two.

Meanwhile, the undercut fades out as the vertical height of the short sides increases. As a result, everything seem to flow together more smoothly and uniformly. What kind of undercut would look best on you? The answer to that question lies between you and your barbershop. With our post on short haircuts and styling advice, however, we should be able to point you in the correct path.

2. Textured Pompadour Haircut:

Here we have a popular men’s haircut that should have faded out of favour long ago, but hasn’t. David Beckham is no stranger to the pompadour, so if you believe it’s outdated, you may break the news to him directly. This haircut, made famous by Elvis Presley and still popular decades after the release of “Jailhouse Rock,” first became widespread throughout the 1960s.

The pompadour, a popular hairstyle for males, is distinguished by its short sides and longer top, much like an undercut or fade. Unlike other styles, this one is easily recognisable thanks to the thick, swept-up fringe that dominates the face and thins out progressively at the nape. Similar chic tones are found in its well-known relative, the powerful quiff.

3. Haircut With A Side Part

You may be wondering, “How classic is the side part for men?” Don Draper’s sleek back technique has endured for at least six decades, proving its timelessness.

The side part is a standard business hairstyle, and it looks best on thick, straight hair that is at least shoulder-length. The classic example would be a short back and sides with longer hair on top.

Apply some styling product and comb the top layer of hair to one side. Voila! Fringe on the side. Get a low fade from your barbershop if you’re going for a more traditional style.

4. Having short, curly hair and a neatly groomed beard

Although extremely long beards are currently trendy, we’re not entirely persuaded that they won’t be seen as an artefact of the past in the not-too-distant future. A neatly groomed beard, on the other hand, is always in style. The combination of a neatly trimmed beard and short, thick, curly hair is both friendly and macho.

5.  Buzz Cut

The buzz cut gets its short, buzzed appearance from the use of an electric buzzer. It constantly ebbs and flows in and out of the cultural mainstream without ever truly going out of style. Numerous famous people, like Brad Pitt and David Beckham, have given this timeless style some love.

There is no need to emphasise that the buzz cut is an essential part of any collection of the best men’s haircuts. Because, really, who doesn’t adore a do-it-yourself hairdo? However, it’s important to remember that the cut itself is a fashion statement. You might emphasise its blatantly male traits by wearing it with edgy or even aggressive outfits.

6. Caesar Cut

For example, if a particular cut for men dates back to the reign of the Roman emperors, it’s reasonable to say that it won’t go out of style any time soon. Caesar cuts are characterised by short, layered hair and a tight, horizontal fringe, and they are often associated with positions of authority. Adding a fade to the sides of this age-old cut gives it a fresh, contemporary look.

7. A hairstyle with unkempt waves

The messy waves hairstyle, which can be best described as intentionally dishevelled, is more involved than it seems at first glance. Apply some styling product and begin manipulating your hair into a look that straddles the line between sculpted and casual. Amazing, you are the coolest.

8.  Short Cut Dread

Short dreads have never been less than wonderful in our experience, but that doesn’t mean the trend hasn’t swung. Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat popularised this style for guys, but maintaining it takes a lot of work and precision. Your hair is best left in the hands of a barber if you don’t know what you’re doing. Long dreadlocks, while we’re on the subject, are also impressive.

9 – Haircut with the Hair Slicked Back

The slicked-back hairstyle, along with the reliable side part, has been an office standard for decades. The term continues to be used as shorthand for the highest level of authority and competence in any field.

The slicked-back cut, on the other hand, appears to lose a little of its slickness with each passing year. Finally, a word of caution: avoid using too much hair product. You should go for a look that is full and unforced rather than stiff.

10.  Wavy Hair

Although we may have made light of 80s glam metal haircuts in the opening, that should not discourage you from making the most of your natural hair. In fact, you should go for the long and wavy appearance if you’re one of the few fortunate males who can pull it off. Because of its association with masculinity and strength, this haircut for guys is sure to get you some admiring glances. Check out our page about long haircuts for men if you want more information.

To help you decide on a new hairdo, Here are more styles you can check Top Haircut For Men.

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