The Best And The Most Comfortable Kizik Shoes Where Are They Made


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shoe quite like Kizik Shoes before. Maybe I just don’t have enough experience with footwear, but I can declare without hesitation that these hands-free shoes have won my heart.

That’s why I’m curious about the factories that produce them and any other missions I believe you’d want to read.

Who Owns Kizik

After selling Ogio International to Callaway Golf for $75.5 Million, Michael Pratt founded Kizik in late 2018.

After spotting the potential, he patents Kizik’s technology and starts Hands-free Laboratories to license them to other footwear businesses. In 2019, Nike uses Hands-free laboratories’ on-and-off technology to make sports shoes that are easy to tie and useful. They offer discount coupon Kizik Coupon Code use and get off

Mike Pratt’s effort to simplify our lives is commendable, even if it isn’t new. However, I believe footwear developments are only a start and have more to cover. Let’s see whether footwear improvements make life easier or lazier.

Why Are Kizik Shoes Made In China

Because Noodles originate there! Jokes aside, they manufactured Kizik Shoes in China because it provides several prospects for the shoe business, including cheap labor costs, various quality requirements by pricing, a potentially larger workforce, superb infrastructure, and more. China makes 50% of all footwear.

Kizik, HOKA, and Brooks manufacture in China because they can make high-quality shoes at affordable prices despite shipping, import tariffs, and quality control.

Why Are Kizik Shoes Made In Vietnam

Vietnamese kizik shoes outnumber Chinese ones (I could be wrong). Kizik is a clever brand. I don’t think they believe in Vietnam’s prospects. The nation is a major footwear producer. It exports 10% of footwear globally.

Since Vietnam is the third-largest footwear producer and produces an average of 920 million pairs each year, 800 million of which are exported, you may replicate the growth of the Vietnamese shoe industry. That’s why Vietnam makes kizik shoes.

Where Kizik Sells Their Shoes

Only the US and Canada sell kizik shoes in 2022. In my conversation with kizik, they said, ‘at this time, we do not provide International Shipping outside of the US and Canada.

We are pleased to add you to a mailing list if you need to ship beyond the US. If we introduce delivery to other countries, we’ll notify you.

I’ll notify you when Kizik Shoes are available abroad.

What Is Unique About Kizik Shoes

Kizik Shoes don’t need laces or bending down, making them unique. Kizik’s parent firm created F.A.S.T (Foot Activated Shoe Technology), which employs an F1 Titanium Arc Deformable Element. The titanium framework on the ankle bounces as you put on the sneaker, making it hands-free.

Scott Frazier, Managing Partner of the Frazier Group, said Hands-free Labs’ solutions are changing how consumers wear shoes.

How Does The Kizik Shoe Work

The heel folds down to make room for your foot as it pushes through, and then, owing to a titanium spring within, snaps back into place behind your foot.

The shoes from Kiziks are similar to slip-ons, so they’re easy to put on and take off, but they also provide a tight fit.

Your shoes are a great fit; they look and feel exactly like ordinary lace-up shoes. Yup. Everything you could desire in terms of convenience and comfort, including hands-free operation.

Why Do KIZIK Shoes Have Laces Then

Making them seem to be regular tie shoes is really rather simple. While they are slip-ons, the laces give them a more traditional sneaker appearance.

What Did We Not Like About Kizik Shoes

The Kizik Shoes we tested had certain drawbacks.

KIZIK Shoes: Not Machine Washable

All birds, Rothy’s, and Suavs have spoilt us (read our SUAVS Shoes Review). We like washing our shoes in the machine. It’s really lovely to not have to bother about spot-cleaning them. These may easily be washed and dried on a clothesline. That’s fantastic.

Kizik Shoes cannot be cleaned in a washing machine, which is a shame. That would be AWESOME if All birds adopted quickly!

KIZIK Shoes: Probably Need To Wear Socks

Kizik shoes, as far as I can tell, are meant to be worn with socks. These were not made to be worn WITHOUT SOCKS and if you boil it down, it’s probably the one thing that is holding me from purchasing a tons of pairs of KIZIK!

Why do I suggest they should be worn barefoot? There isn’t any official evidence to support this, however KIZIK has a person wearing socks in every promotional film and picture.

Kizik Shoe Styles

The shoes for KIZIK might have been far worse, I’ll grant them that. Yet they aren’t that bad-looking. These are really better than average, in my opinion. I’d give them a B.

You may select a style you like from the many that KIZIK provides.

Several customers have returned the shoes because they do not provide enough support for the arches. We didn’t have that difficulty, but we also did no go for extended hikes with these shoes on.

How about women’s Kizik Shoes? They also provide a wide variety of fashionable options for ladies.

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KIZIK Sizing: What To Do

All of my Kizik Shoes should be worn with plenty of room. I would probably wear a 9.5 if I were wearing shoes that fit properly, but most of my shoes are a 10 because I like them loose.

Size Up A Half Size Larger

Despite Kizik Shoes assurances that its shoes fit true to size, several customers have noted that their purchases are too small. To obtain the greatest fit, I recommend going a half size bigger.

That way, even if you have broad feet, you may find the ideal pair.

Are Kizik Shoes Durable

Many sometimes wonder whether their shoes will survive long after learning that they were manufactured in China or Vietnam.

Maybe because of the many outdoor sports and activities I partake in, the outsoles of my Kizik Shoes wear out in just a few months.



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