The most dangerous apps that you should never have on your phone

Many security experts warn that people should avoid downloading third-party applications due to malware and security issues. Unfortunately, official app stores like the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store can be just as dangerous.

The most dangerous apps that you should never have on your phone

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Hackers are finding various ways to circumvent security measures. Google Play is particularly vulnerable, both because of the popularity of Android and because it does not have a closed system like Apple.

Users also believe that on these official platforms all apps are legitimate and credible, but this can be dangerous and users should still be quite careful.

These are the seven most dangerous applications that you should not install on your mobile phone.

1. Music player apps

Smartphones already come with good music playback apps, and downloading some new ones can compromise the security of your device. One such application is Fildo Music.

2. Unreliable search engines

Users share a lot of personal information through search engines, and some of the unreliable ones can compromise your security on the Internet. Examples of such browsers are UC Browser and Dolphin Browser.

3. Free VPN

Free VPN assures users that their security comes first, but this is usually not the case and many of them sell their users’ data to make money. Avoid free VPN applications such as SuperVPN and Pacific VPN.

4. Recorders

Since with music players, most smartphones already come with high-quality voice recorders installed, so there is no need to install some unsafe ones such as QRecorder, an application that has been found to use the AlienBot Trojan.

5. Device cleaning apps

While there are legitimate phone cleaning apps, there are many that can do more harm than good. Some of them are Super Clean, Cleanit, and Cleane Virus.

6. Applications to increase RAM

There is no way to increase the RAM of the phone. Any application that claims otherwise is definitely malware. This includes apps like Memory Safe and Warehouse Storage.

7. Unknown antivirus programs

Antivirus programs can be useful, but the Google Play platform is flooded with these applications. Each of them claims that it is the best and safest option that protects your phone from viruses and malware. Stick to legitimate, well-known brands of antivirus programs.

By: Helen B.