The new loudspeakers: Børresen M1 and X series


In just a few short years, Danish speaker company Børresen Acoustics has shot into the high-end globe. The first loudspeaker series, one of which is the model 02 SSE, shines with some fantastic technical advancements, such as the first entirely ironless magnetic drive. This was succeeded by the Z series, which was less technologically advanced and less expensive.

Børresen M1 series

The new M1 loudspeakers provide a step forward in the top series. The core design, with its exquisite lute-shaped housing, has not changed, but many optical and mechanical elements have been polished.

When constructing the new loudspeakers, Børresen Acoustics, as is already well known, drew heavily on the detail-oriented and meticulous approach, as well as innovations from Formula 1 racing.

The result is performance-optimized loudspeaker membranes made with a 4-layer method that includes: 0.04 mm surface-treated titanium skin, spread tow carbon, a Nomex honeycomb structure, and spread tow carbon once again.

Furthermore, the Børresen development team has improved the speaker basket. This is currently made up of a complex-shaped, 3D-printed zirconium portion.

The new M1 speakers include all of the distinctive characteristics found in the Børresen 0 series. This incorporates the SSE version’s innovative non-ferrous Børresen magnet motor technology (Silver Supreme Edition).

Because silver has the maximum electrical conductivity of any metal, Børresen replaced the copper pole rings with handcrafted silver rings of its own design, resulting in a surprisingly modest inductance reduction.

X series

The letter “X” serves as a brief and compact designation for Brresen’s second new loudspeaker series. As a result, the X-Series will be priced lower than the Z-Series, making them the brand’s most affordable speakers to date. Unfortunately, pricing was not disclosed until this letter was published.

The X series is meant to be nothing less than a price-range revolution. Carbon fiber reinforced housings, cutting-edge drivers, distributed tow carbon, and honeycomb membranes characterize the loudspeakers.

Of course, Michael Børresen and his development team will be in Munich to reveal more interesting facts about the two new loudspeaker series. The Danes also display further inventions from their sister firms Aavik and Ansuz.

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