The Pioneer DJ DM-40D and DJ DM-50D

The Pioneer DJ DM-40D and DJ DM-50D

Photo Credits: Pioneer/Promo

Taking advantage of its extensive industry experience, the well-known audio brand today introduces the new Pioneer DJ DM-40D and DM-50D, powerful 4-inch and 5-inch desktop speakers with designs reminiscent of amplifiers used by professional musicians, to bring you all the features and benefits of professional audio directly into your home.

Because of enhanced components such as the new Class D amplifier with 96kHz sampling DSP, each DM Series loudspeaker provides a pure, balanced bass tone, giving a strong, high-quality sound for any genre.

Designed for music artists and producers as well as casual listeners, this series has DJ and Production modes that allow the speakers to automatically adjust the DSP settings to enhance our experience.

The finest part about these speakers, without a doubt, is their comprehensive networking section, which allows them to be used with televisions, laptops, and even mobile phones and tablets, as well as some new gadgets such as the Steam Deck.

And it is that we will have RCA and small jack connectors for the entire DM series, but if that isn't enough, the business has also offered two variations with Bluetooth connectivity, with the Pioneer DJ DM-40D BT and DM-50D BT, offering a completely cable-free experience. Furthermore, both the DM-50D and DM-50D BT include a TRS input.

All of the Pioneer DJ DM series speakers are already available through the brand's official website, with costs varying depending on the model's size and connectivity:

  • Pioneer DJ DM-40D, with a base price of $179
  • Pioneer DJ DM-40D BT, which will increase its price to $199
  • Pioneer DJ DM-50D, priced at $239
  • Pioneer DJ DM-50D BT, reaching $269

Furthermore, all of the speakers will be available in two color options: black or white, providing for greater adaptation to our home's surroundings.