The Rock surprised a fan with a new truck

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The Rock surprised personal trainer Oscar Rodriguez at a special screening of his new film Red Notice, and after the screening was over, he revealed that he had also given Rodriguez his own Ford pickup truck.

Rodriguez, who cares for his 75-year-old mother, is a church leader and veteran of the U.S. Navy and provides meals and support to victims of domestic violence.

“I invited fans to a special Red Notice screening and I wanted to do something cool for all of them. I also wanted to do something big, something huge, something memorable for one fan,” the actor said in a video posted on Instagram.

Your story really touched me because you’re always very positive, motivating, and optimistic,” Johnson said as he spoke to Rodriguez on stage.

I’m really speechless, I didn’t know this was going to happen. This is such a blessing,” said the touched veteran. “Nice to meet you. At the moment, I feel very encouraged, very uplifted.”

Johnson also left a letter dedicated to Rodriguez in the truck.

“Thank you for your service, brother, enjoy your new truck,” the letter said.

“His list of things he’s done for the community is pretty amazing so I’m honored to cheer up a little guy who probably deserves a lot more than my truck,” The Rock said as Rodriguez walked out of the parking lot. “And now I have to figure out how to get home. Because I don’t have my own truck.”

“Just love, brother. Go, enjoy your new truck, and merry Christmas to you and your family,” the actor wrote in a description of the post.

The action-comedy Red Notice, starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot alongside Rock, premiered on Nov. 12 on Netflix, and on its first day of release, it became the most-watched film on the streaming platform.





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